Saturday, July 29, 2006

Sex in Christ

I had a recent offer to work at home for twenty bucks/hour doing data entry. This seemed too good to be true. Of course, it was. It is in porn. My job? Easy enough: check the contracts to make sure the girls are indeed of legal age, check I.D.'s, etc.

For the second time in three days, I had to turn down a job. I of course have not right to complain anymore about no extra cash, but I'm just gonna have to suck it up and keep plugging away at a gig that doesn't involve someone getting plugged.

Of course, as with everything in life, I feel like a hypocrite. Have I seen porn before? Sure. Have I vowed to lose five pounds then downed ten pounds of Animal Cookies? Too many times to count. But I never envisioned myself saying "I'm teaching Vacation Bible School for free in the morning, but that's no big deal, because after bed time prayers I'm making two hundred bucks typing sex contracts."

Rex takes a man's stance on this. Rex also takes a non-Christian viewpoint. His attitude? Sex is a release for people. It's not my job to be the moral compass of this country. As long as the girls are of age, they know what they're doing. Besides, my job would be to assure that the girls are indeed 18, not some 14 year old posing as a stripping nurse to make a little money for health insurance.

That to me just doesn't fly. An 18 year old girl who uses sex to pay her light bulb bill is not making a mature choice. I have a daughter. While I want her to have a healthy view of sex, I don't want her selling her body. Which she wouldn't have to, since I'd make enough money off of other girls' insecurities to pay for her private school.

See the conundrum?

It's odd to take this kind of stance, because I pride myself on not being judgemental. I truly love the person who offered me this gig. She is a friend of many years who works the clerical side of the biz. She, too, has a daughter who is very close to Pipsqueak's age. But for me? Deep in my gut, it just feels wrong. Call it the Catholic brainwashing. Call it a right winged Christian nation. Call me a prude. But the idea of my daughter being objectified for a few dollars then thrown away like garbage when the new DVD comes in just doesn't settle.

God, there I go sounding judgemental again.

And so I turned to my favorite source of truth. In this instance, not the Bible, but the web. Lo and behold, I found this:

My favorite section?

"It must portray sex within the context of a Christian marriage. It must be apparent through the actions, behaviors, and speech of the characters portrayed that they are Christian, lead a Christian lifestyle, and have a marriage in which their faith is central. This could be depicted in a variety of ways, with scenes showing a couple praying together, studying the Bible, attending church or church functions, and generally relating to one another as loving Christian spouses outside of the bedroom."

Yes, I can see it now. A blow job is fine, but first, an "Our Father" followed by an "Oh God! Oh God!"

What do you all feel about this subject?

Let's pray about it, shall we? (And while you're praying, could you throw in a word about me finding some gig that doesn't involve 70 hours a week, naked girls and cleaning toilets? God bless ya.)


War Bride said...

It really is quite a conundrum. If I had children, I'm sure my opinion would be different. But looking at the situation now, I would jump on the job as an opportunity to do a simple job and make some money. Because while they may be someone's daughter, they are consenting adults as well.

Maybe I'm so jaded by the church and by.....America that nothing shocks me anymore.

Mama P said...

I totally see your point. It's my husband's point, too. But I suppose because I do have kids, it's rough. The whole jaded thing... been there, done that. Sometimes still am. Thanks for your opinion. I'll get some MXE stuff to you at some point.

Teri M. said...

I started commenting yesterday and I think I was rambling so I decided I would try a very much shortened version today:
You are not hypocritical for turning down a job that involves something that you feel is wrong. And guess what? Your negative view of pornography? No brainwashing involved, but sound Biblical teaching. You didn't sound judgemental to me at all. What would have been is if you'd said your friend was a bad person. To me being judgemental means pointing out the sliver in someone's eye whilst I'm looking around the large tree trunk sticking out of mine.
Er, Christian pornography? Uh. No.
And (I swear this is almost over!) as far as "The Church" (meaning any denomination) is concerned: let's not forget, human's are the ones that have messed up the whole concept. God gave mankind free will, but also the rules. Many men have choosen to twist and misinterperate and pollute and ignore them. Unfortunately, they are the ones that get all the press.
Ok. I'm done.