Monday, July 25, 2005

Has Anyone Seen My Career?

Now that the rug rats are in bed and my husband is watching an exciting episode of "Modern Marvels: The History of the Sea Turtle", my thoughts turn to my writing career. It's not under the laundry basket. I didn't see it in the highchair, behind the car seats or under the dishes. As much as I'd like to think I'll find it the next time I vacuum, the cold heart truth is, it's not there. No, like a flat stomach and tight ass, I don't have one. I must make a point every day to write for an hour. I am determined to finish a kids' book of poetry and start submitting to magazines. Freelance TV would be great, too, but there's not much more I can do other than network here and there, hoping someone in the universe finds me interesting enough to hire me again. (Note to self: cancel dinner with cousin Wednesday night since that's an animation schmooze. Blechhhh, but necessary.) Herb and I have ideas and pitches about as high as our unreturned phone calls, so it's time to start focusing on other projects while we wait. (This is your opportunity to say "Go for it! Great idea!") At least once a month my faithful blog readers will be treated to a kids poem, Shel Silverstein style, where I expect some feedback. When completed, these ditties will be illustrated by either my fabulous sister-in-law, my equally fabulous girlfriend, Teena, or an out of work Disney animator who I will meet at one of my networking functions (Again, bleech!)

Yes I know motherhood is important.

Yes I know that I would be miserable if I worked 60 hours a week and never saw my kids. (Just a few minutes ago, during our nighttime story ritual in his little bed, Dominic said "Mommy, I no get bigger. I stay tiny so you can carry me." All my sarcasm can't even make fun of that.)

Somewhere in between the extreme of cleaning house and butts all day, and working like a caffeine induced idiot on someone else's wacky sitcom, there's a happy medium.

In closing, I am adding a new tradition to my blogs - the Sophie and Dominic highlite of the day. This is hopefully to entertain you as much as my kids entertain me. But if it doesn't, I don't really care, because I'm the one without the writing career right now, this is my blog, so nanny nanny nanny. (God, I wish I had a nanny. And a maid. And a cook....) Oh, the highlites.

Nicky Highlight: Refer to 2 paragraphs up. (Side note: for as much of a stinker as he's been lately with his constant "No!" "I don't want to!" "No baby!" - typical pouty expression seen above - that kid can melt me quicker than the last scene of Sixteen Candles when Jake hands Samantha back her undies and kisses her on top of the table.

Sophie Highlight: Even though I told Nicky "Water the grass, not the baby!", he drenched Sophie in water. Instead of crying, she giggled hysterically, then proceeded to cover herself in mud and dig. Will she be a future anthropolgist? A farmer? A mud wrestler? Tune into the blog and find out.

Writing Highlite of the day: .................

I've got to work on that.

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