Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The Laughing Club

Stink has initiated an institution in this house called The Laughing Club. Membership is free, but giggling is required.
Tummy busters include, but aren't limited to: The "Double Dryoff", knock-knock jokes, questions like "Do you like to eat houses?" "Do you like to eat the sidewalk?" "Do you like to eat... (You get the idea. If you answer in the affirmative? Ooooh, lawdy, watch out for the guffaws.)
Second runner up is the belch following behind the numero uno top biller: the fart.
I'd mention their love of toilet humor, but my mother informed me that the last five posts spoke of poo poo in some form or another - bordering on obscene. In deference to her 76 years of life, I will list in the paragraph below actions that take precedence over crap in this house.
Sorry, Mom.
(PS: I hate this new blogger.. anyone know why it doesn't publish spaces or paragraphs?)


Pam said...

There is nothing as musical as the laughter of children, and contagious.

Maggie said...

Ooh I can belch really well. Can I be in the club?

So glad you didn't mention poop again!

meno said...

There's just not much funnier than poop and farts, although boogers can provide some amusement as well.

Don't know nothin' about the new blogger, to scared to go there myself.

Princess in Galoshes said...

I hate the new blogger, too.

But at least your kids are horribly cute!

Anonymous said...

I ain't skeert. Try holding the shift key down when you hit enter. This may make a space between one line and the next, or a "paragraph space" I think this is called "hard return" in HTML.

Remember, computers are not smarter than us - we created them, after all. Good luck!

Cross-Platform Nerdess in SF

Mama P said...

Pam - Thanks for putting up with my constant kid photos. I swore this wouldn't be a mommy blog, but hell, that's what I am.

Maggie - Enjoy the poop respite for now. More are coming in 2007.

Princess - Thanks for the compliment. May you and the Funasauraus have a wonderful holiday.

Meno - If you're reading this you're in vacation hell. I hope your flight went okay. I hate flying also.

Anon - Thanks for the tip. It didn't work on the first post, but now the blog deal is back to accepting returns for spaces, as evidenced in this post.