Wednesday, October 10, 2007

List-Less These Days

To be honest with you, I'm in a funk. Not down on my knees, get thee to a Xanax Factory funk, but a "wow my kids are in school and I have all this free time and yet I'm not doing anything that I'm super excited about and yet what do I have to complain about" kind of funk.

When I feel like this, it's time to pull out the stops. For me, it's a cornucopia of ingredients that, when all is combined in my mixing bowl of life, produces quite a nice bread loaf of contentment. Take one out, and things feel flat. Kinda like matzah. You can eat it, but the lack of rise makes ones mouth feel sort of dry. I call it giving my tounge a yeast infection.
Focusing once again, here's my list for the Joy Joy Life Buzz:

- Exercise
- Talk to people. The requirement is that they must have pubic hair. I don't want to see it, but they must be of age to at least grow it. This does not include ten year olds who are early bloomers.
- Remember to take my Zoloft.
- Cut down on caffeine. My third week of no Diet Coke is commendable. But upping the Yuban to quantities that could start my SUV? Um, not so good.
- Pray and go to church. Or at least get a doughnut on Sundays and pray in the car while jonesing for a Big Gulp.
- Take time for me (journaling, getting hair done, toes... something).
- Write every day.
- Make my own money, even if it's 2.99 on a vintage Smurf toilet brush.
- Chat with a professional either on issues of the spirit, the brain, the body or even a chef. Someone that knows more than I do. (Which, when I'm cranky, is hard to find, which leads me to my last requirement...)
- Keep a gratitude list. I am so lucky in my life, and while I know it, sometimes I don't always feel it.

So far, I've managed one of the above items only. That should tell you where I'm at.

What is your recipe for getting out of funks? If you tell me you're just a naturally happy person who only needs God, pot or St. John's Wart, I will personally come over to your house and bitch slap you while you're diligently doing your Kathy Smith Yoga tape (which will take care of the exercise portion on my list.)

On a bright note, isn't this a cute shot of Pip and me? I adore my in-laws, but if they tell me one more time that she looks like my husband, I'm going to have to assume they are smoking the wacky weed. Which means I should really be hanging out with them more.

Note to self: Add "Call in-laws" to your daily list of ingredients.


hamiam said...

We have parallel clocks for these funk things, it would seem.

Similar lists, too. Seriously, when I was home for 6 days with the kids (granted, sick kids, and what's happy 'bout that?) PLUS a weekend that Charlie Brown had to work, I was never happier to see a Monday morning and get in #s2, 6, 7, 8 and 9 just by going to work.


And yes, that is a damned cute pic of you and Pip - and unless your husband is your bro, your IL's are on the wacky weed.

liv said...

y'all are totally cute. um, is the funk going around? i realized it when my comments on blogs became snappish and i wanted to hug the entire bottle of prozac. yeah. a funk. that's it.

i mean, you know it's bad when even a potty training toddler can't cheer you up.

freefalling said...

You make me feel so normal.
And I don't even have any kids to blame!
I tend to only have little funks.
I tend to go to the other end of the scale (manic).
But if I do, I have no magic tricks, I just lie on the couch, watch any old crap on TV (we get a lot of American TV here - Dr Phil, Oprah, The Bold and the Beautiful) and eat junk food - I can only usually stand it for a day.

Pam said...

About this "funk" thing, it really does seem to be going around. I personally think it has a lot to do with the change in seasons. Longer nights, shorter days, diminishing light and changing weather. It's happening here in my world, too. My caregiver, Barb, my family and friends and me. I think your list is excellent, and Barb and I will address it right after our apple crisp with frozen vanilla yogurt!

As for the totally excellent picture of you and Pip, there is no denying your connection. I've always said that I see Mama P. in that sweet face.

amisare waswerebeen said...

I'm going to say that she looks like you. And I'm also going to guess that the one thing you've accomplished has to do with that vintage toilet brush, right?

Congrats on the diet coke boycott. I think that stuff has to be faaaarrrr worse than coffee. Keep it up.

ms chica said...

Pot? You mean it can really be that simple?

I have to work at fighting the funk. Most days it is as simple as being active, whether blogging, drawing, reading, but most importantly leaving the house. I'm terrible about staying cooped at home, because I don't want the hassle of dealing with the public.

And yes, she definitely looks like you.

Maggie said...

Funky me: yeah I get that.

Usually I do what you do. I make a list. Lists make me happy for some really weird reason. Then I try to do the stuff on the list. Usually the list will include a few different things such as necessary things to do, but most importantly a few fun things for me. I use the fun things as rewards for doing the necessary things. And I get myself a treat that doesn't ruin my diet, like Nestea Zero (damn that stuff is good - and NO I'm not paid to say that). Getting out is also important for me. Even if its just to walk around the block. Fresh air often gives me a new attitude.

Em said...

How do I get out of a funk? Certainly not god, pot, or St Johns Wort. But a really nice outing with my wife sometimes does it. A really relaxing outing into nature...boating, swimming, hiking, reading in the sun. An excellent meal. Some really fun times with the kids. And sometimes, none of that works and I just have to wait it out.

By the way, without your hubby in the photo, I can't say if she looks like him. But she surely looks like you!

JaniceNW said...

Getting myself off my chubby ass and leaving the house every single day if only to the store is a big one for me. Taking a shower every other day whether I need it or not. It seems like too much trouble but it makes such a difference. Sometimes I question the med dose...iffy one at best. Sometimes just finishing one task each day is enough. I'm on an up right now. I love the cooler weather, fall leaves and getting back to school even if my classes aren't fun. I'm sure Socrates would say, "Whoever told you education would be fun?!?" and then call me a nitwit. LOL. My boys look alot like me and my family. They are 1/8th Asian but you'd never know it. My MIL and SIL always say how much my oldest looks like his not! Kid has green eyes same shape as mine but a darker green, same coloring. My younger son looks so much like my brother and me mixed. He has beautiful dark crystal blue eyes(still cannot figure out the DNA on that one!)and was blond for his first years, as was I. I think in laws are inherently blind. ;)

meno said...

Exercise is the right thing.

Your in-laws are total crack heads if they think that child doesn't look like you. Or naybe they are just wishing that she looked like their precious boy.

Susie Q said...

That little darlin' looks so much like her Mommy darlin' that it is spooky. She is your girl for sure. As if your hours of labor and her delivery did not convince you. Ahem...and you ARE gorgeous, BOTH of you. middle name. Used to happen more often. I think aging helps, me at least. That and Paxil. : )
Exercise for sure but I do not do it enough. I take drives by myself, with the windows down and the radio up.
I talk with the friends I know understand and love me enough to let me be me...and to hammer me when necessary.

I pray a lot and try to remember the sermons given by the minister I adore at my church. Both are wonderful men but one speaks directly to me heart...always.

I read, I sing, loudly, I snuggle my pets and hug the heck out of my kids and nephew.

I wish I was one of those naturally happy people who needed only one of those things to BE happy but I could have all of them and still get *funky*.

I think creative people get funky more often, as do those who think deeply, are intelligent and FEEL deeply. You are all those things but would you wish to be different? are so perfect that way you are. Now do not argue with me...I am old and know these things. *grin*

Feel will.


Okay, my verification word was levelo...level our moods, level our life...levelo, le-eh-velo, daylight comin' and I need to go to bed...

Liza's Eyeview said...

I go through ups and downs - I think it's a part of life...

Your list looks pretty good. I'd add a good massage there - professional massage if you can afford it. It's a great stress reliever.

I agree with Pam - this probably has to do with weather change also.

About making your won money, I still think your blog is worth more ads that that tiny Google Adsense you've placed on top. I think Blogher would want you because you are such a talented writer. Let me know if you're interested to have BlogherAds in your blog. They really is a great ad network, you make lots of dollars instead of the few cents Google ads give us ;)


Gretchen said...

I guess, for me, it's remembering to put on my own oxygen mask first, before slapping one on someone else. I love your list. I also think, that even if you are only doing one thing on your list, strive to do that consistently. The help will be two-fold: 1) you will have accomplished the goal of consistency, and 2) doing something good for yourself consistently is bound to make at least part of you feel better, so that you can tackle one more thing on your list. I could make $$$ at giving advice like this--if I would only take it. ;) xxxooogretchen

P.S. and BTW. you are both gorgeous--and clearly, related.