Thursday, October 18, 2007

Mousing Around

I have always wanted to work to be a role model for my kids. To have money to set aside for their college funds. To have a rainy day nest egg. To play the stock market.

I don't want to ever rely solely on Rex for financial support.

I don't want to make emotional decisions with my cash. I don't like using credit or borrowing against money that hasn't arrived yet.

This all said, I took an advance on my first check and bought year round Disneyland passes. Because let's face it, I could get hit by a bus before I even make it to the bank. Life is meant for enjoyment, too. Besides, the kids have it so hard with preschool, organic food and a clean, warm home. Don't they deserve a little fun? A break from the mundane boredom of airconditioning and reading clean library books?

We used the passes today for the first time. Other than the fact that my passport photo endowed me with whiskers and a neck rivaling a Thanksgiving butterball, we had a fabulous time. As evidenced by the photo, Pip might have enjoyed herself a bit too much.

I wish all of you a weekend with so much joy that your loved ones find you slumped over in a padded chair. If you drool, so much the better. You're not lazy, you're passionate!
And finally (yes, truly, finally) I thank you all so much for supporting my new writing space with your lovely comments. Being the new girl in school is always a challenge. To have your kind "faces" in my unfamiliar classroom meant more than you know. Whoever makes it to town gets a dinner at Disneyland on me! (I have to make TV money to buy ya'll passes, but don't put it past me. Like Walt Disney himself, I'm dreaming big.)

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Pam said...

I've never understood how little kids can sleep like that and not end up with a kinked up neck!

And I agree with your decision, prudence is a good thing but life was meant to be lived.

I am loving your new writing space, another venue for your wit and wisdom. I now have two places to hang out with Mama P.

Susie Q said...

Bless her heart...

Life is truly meant to live. While living in Tampa we bought the year passes and it was one of the greatest joys.
Dan was 9 when we moved to Fla. We had such memory making times there.

I know how rich this will make your lives! We must have discipline financially yeah, yeah...but then I would get hit by a bus. A bus with a Disneyland banner across it!

I loved your story in Mominformation....
I look forward to more and more!

Have a sweet weekend!


James said...

Okay, but I get to pick the secret club above The Blue Bayou that serves hurricanes. And, I want a tour of the pet cemetary at the Haunted Mansion.

I'll even through in an extra comment for the secret underground tomb of Walt himself.

I'm not making this stuff up. Really I'm not.


sari said...

that looks like a good disneyland sleep if i ever saw one!!

Jamie Willow said...

that is a seriously cute pic!

Jenster said...

Disney passes are great! A friend of mine in Long Beach as passes and they go just to watch a parade or they go and spend a few hours in Tomorrowland and that's all.

Geesh. When I was growing up we went until our ticket book was all out of E tickets.

Princess in Galoshes said...

Disneyland Passes???? I'm so there! I will look just like Pip.

Mama P said...

Pam - I would love to go to Disneyland with you. And seriously the batchair would get us to the head of the line pronto!

Susie - I get lots of different reactions on the passes. Some say it will lose the magic. Others rave about them, like you. I hope you're right. I am sure you are.

Jim - Did you know I went to the Blue Bayou for the first time last year? I loved it. Have you been?

Sari - Are you a new mom yet? I have to go check.

Jamie - How are you feeling this week? Better?

Jenster - Your sex sermon made me laugh. Everyone, go check it out.

Princess - What did you decide to be for Halloween?