Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Mama P, On Tour in Your Town

Hello all -
Susie Q of Rabbit Run Cottage has the absolute loveliest post in the universe where she opens up her home to us for a virtual cup of Christmas cheer. It's from December 16 and can be found here, along with a fabulous soundtrack of vintage and modern tunes to warm the heart.

Gretchen of Good Enough for Now does a fabulous job here. In it you can find a link to BooMama's site who inspired the craze. I haven't read Boo myself, but I hear she is incredibly talented.
And so, with very little sarcasm (that will come tomorrow, I'm certain) I give you my home.

The new additions?
The little cork board squares I found at Office Depot. I put them on my front door as reminders for busy weeks. What life savers they are.

The Advent box in the dining room courtesy of Costco.

The hint of welcome mat at the front door. It's shiny and welcoming. The other one was more wrinkled than Robert Redford.
The plants behind the log pile. Rex planted those in spring. I thought they'd be nasty, as I pictured a cape cod type look with an anchor and rope fence. But I shut my mouth and am glad I did. (Just as he took my word on the chocolate brown bathroom paint and red door - he likes it now. He's the outdoors man, I'm in the inside gal.)
The pinecone on the front hall table decorated by Pip. Stink has one somewhere around here also.
The computerized frame from Rex from Mother's Day. I LOOOOVE it. Have you all seen those?
The old?
My mom's Spode on loan for Christmas Eve (The bitch wants it back. Wink wink.)
The tree is from Stella's friend in her community replete with vintage ornaments.

The Grinch comes via my mother from a few years back where I almost got kicked out of a play area for a mommy brawl.
The rocking horse on the table is right out of my childhood. His head comes off all the time, but I love him so much.
The wreath is from my childhood also.

The tablecloth is from my childhood. (Are you sensing a theme here? Um... I'll have to get a few new items this year with Cecelia. But I do love me some vintage, so I don't care.)

The wood is from my husband. (The wood pile, you pervs!) He keeps us warm in winter. He keeps himself warm by hogging that green chair from my apartment days. Wow, that was a big purchase from Macy's back in the day. The pillow courtesy of Salvation Army. Note to self: Get the chair steam cleaned! Good God, what is that stain from? (Oh, no, it's not that.)

The bathroom I painted myself (thank you very much.) Rex did the woodwork and painted it. The medicine cabinet is from Target. I might have flirted with the cashier at Salvation Army and scored the rose handmade needle print picture (notice the double mat and real wood frame) along with ten shirts and a little gift for a friend, for under 20 bucks. Merry Christmas to me!

One year, I'll have a present under the tree for each of you. Until then, Happy Holidays from the bottom of my heart.
PS: Sorry about the wonky spacing. For some reason Blogger is going nuts. No matter how much I put in spaces, it sucks everything into one big paragraph. Ah, well. Like Santa, you'll just have to believe...I tried.

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His Girl said...

Okay, I love love love seeing people's homes all dressed up for Christmas, and yours is of course, no exception.

Now that the formalities are over, I must confess that I am distracted heavily by the stairs in your home. I have now decided that this is what I must do in my home ... tell me this: do I really want them? Wood stairs? Ours are currently carpeted... will we be sad we have no carpet on our stairs? do you love yours? please enlighten me... are they slippery? painful? a pain in the neck to clean?

please forgive me for my sidebar. your home is lovely, ma'am... i just am obsessed with your stairway.

meno said...

This looks like a warm and comfortable place. Lovely.

Gretchen said...

Yeah, I want to know if I want wooden stairs, too. We need to remodel desperately, and they shur look purdy.

Love the decorations and the memory/homey factor rates a 10. I have some spode that I'll give you; my mom's dead, and I don't use it much. :)

Love the pottery-barn esque pictures up the hall. Merry Christmas!

Gretchen said...

Another separated at birthism: I have a red double-door entry, too. :)

Pam said...

You have a lovely home, thanks for bringing us in for a Christmas tour. Very festive, and I can picture Pip and Stink giving you a hand.

Much love to you and your wonderful family this holiday season.

Monnik said...

I want your bathroom. Please FedEx it to Iowa. Thankyouverymuch.

Mama P said...

Because I'm lazy and need to clean the stairs right now (now joke) I'm cutting and pasting my response from His Girl's blog to here for those interested in the value of wood stairs.

The wood stairs are original, as are our floors. They are all from 1958 and could desperately use a buffer.

This all said, I love the wood. It's super easy to clean (wood cleaner, wet mop wrung out, you're done). Swiffers are great for quick pick ups.

The negative: they can be slippery with socks, so no major running. Not so great with wee little ones, but shockingly, we had no accidents as I put gates up. Socks with rubber bottoms, or you can buy runners for a few hundred dollars that go up the wood stairs, too.

I like the openness of them.

And they're great for throw up or pee pee accidents - kids, pets, husbands on a bender... Wipe down - done!

amisare waswerebeen said...

Birth order is: I have two kids.
Mister is 11 and Tiny is 7. They are really excited too. Thanks for the congrats.

Steph said...

Awww...your house is so pretty! And tidy! And clean! Sigh....

Gretchen said...

Um...need more firewood? I just found out we have a 2nd growth fir and a skinnier, but still 100 feet tall fir that have to come down in our yards. Seeing that picture of your woodpile reminded me that we don't use firewood. Do I sound like if you give a mouse a cookie yet? Sometimes I feel like my life is that way.


Susie Q said...

OOOh. I KNOW they are slippery and have to get buffed and all that crap but I so love wood steps. Used to have 'em. Still want 'em. LOVE yours. I love your house. It is warm and pretty and I so wish my house had a past history. Like, being *born* in an era other than the 00s. *sigh* but still...

I am digging the wall colors and wish I had painted mine darker in the living room. I may do just that this Winter.

LOVE the red Liz Arden girl you.

I have some Spode that I have had for years. SIL got it a piece at a time when she worked at a home store. I paid for 'em, she used her discount. Sneaky huh? I now use the ones that we gave my MIL a few years back. May give the Spode to my SIL who has none. Am I rambling here? I thought so.

I would feel so totally at home here in this pretty, warm house.

Love the house...Love the family that resides in this wonderful house...

Merry Christmas to a VERY special lady.

Love and hugs,