Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Toys R Bust

I am never going to feel shopper's guilt again.

I am not a big gift giver, and while I don't normally worry too much, the holidays got me this year. The Ele-uxx-em? Check. Crash and Go Racers? Check. Baby highchair set? Check. Gifts from family and friends including art supplies, Scooby balls, clothes, games... Check, check, Checky check check.

What do the kids do?

They fight.

They tease each other.

And then they are finally quiet for over an hour.
With what?

A three dollar snow shaver from the Salvation Army.

Go figure. After money spent on things they don't use? That's cold, man. But the fact that the simple pleasures in life are free? That's ice to know. Yes, you read that right. I'm friggin' tired. Good night! Speaking of ice, it's freezing here. Stay warm, wherever you are!
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Pam said...

Yeah, that sounds just about right for kids.

Thank you for your very kind comment on my last post. And I passed that hug on to Barb, that one and many more.

Gretchen said...

Just like the proverbial box and 1 year old at Christmas time. Sad to say, and I would never admit this, mind you, but I think our own expectations go a long way in those entitlement behaviors of ourselves and our kids.

The simple pleasures in life are free. You said it best. I agree wholeheartedly. And who wants to be complex, anyway? :)

Terri said...

First congratulations on your magazine gig! My husband would probably have a fit if I did something like that, because he knows I just plain talk too much sometimes! LOL

I have decided that I will no longer buy gifts just to buy gifts. I am only getting things they really like and want and not just these passing know? We had a GREAT Christmas that way.

Take care!

Monnik said...

I am so with you on this one. When my kids were younger - about your kids' age - I spent weeks searching for these stupid little electronic cat and dog toys for my oldest daughter. Spent a fortune on them once I found them.

She. Never. Played. With. Them. After. Christmas. Morning.

She found an old tape recorder with a microphone in the closet and played with that thing for MONTHS. Go figure.

Susie Q said...

Ah, just like the babies who play with the boxes and wrapping paper and ignore the beautiful, expensive Fisher Price stiff. It always happens.

Stay is getting cold here again.
IT was 70 on Monday! In freakin' January! The poor bulbs are coming up and the trees are starting to bud. in January!
I need Al Gore to come explain it to them...*sigh*

I Hope you got that rest...

Love and hugs,

His Girl said...

icely written, silly girl!

my kids will play for a week and a half with only markers, string, and boxes.

*go figure...

ms chica said...

When I was close your kids' ages, a neighbor gave me two refrigerator boxes joined together to make a house. It had cut out windows, a door that opened and closed and curtains. It was the bomb, I played in until the family cat gave birth in it...then my mom threw it out.

Jenster said...

My kids always liked the boxes. THE BOXES!!!!


liv said...

yes, babe. yes. they always like the boring shit. the cheap stuff. whatevs. plastic wrap and tissue paper. gah.