Tuesday, January 01, 2008

The Magic of Five

Take a guess:

1. I lost the final 5 pounds

2. I haven't had a Diet Coke in 5 days

3. I had 5 Diet Cokes today

4. My kids fell asleep at 5, giving Rex and I 5 hours to ourselves

5. Rex finally got that reversal, making me pregnant on Xmas eve, and turning our family of 4 into a circle of 5

6. The Jackson 5 just shot a reunion tour video on our cull de sac. Michael only winked at 5 kids this time.

7. Lindsay Lohan dropped by a few minutes ago, giving new meaning to the word "high five"

8. I just won five thousand dollars in the "Who can eat the most Mothers Animal Cookies without puking more than 5 times" contest

9. I transistioned from Catholic to Muslim and now bow five times/day to Mecca

10. My New Year's baby turned 5 today

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hamiam said...

Hmm...those are tough ;)

Though #3 is a close second, I'm guessing #10 is the winner.

And the photo? Absolutely fricking adorable!

liv said...

Mama P!!! I was so excited that you could be bitchy and bloggy while pregnant. You spoiled it!

Love that good baby boy! (ours are just 3 months apart!) You'll love 5!

amisare waswerebeen said...

While 3, 4, and 8 all sound fun, I'm going to bet my money on 10.

meno said...

#10 ???

His Girl said...

Your son is so absolutely adorable I am pretty sure the 5 is how many times i would kiss him should i pass him on the street.

Maggie said...

Well number five had me all giddy then I read six and seven. So I guess it's 10.

Gretchen said...

Caaaa-yuuuute! What a cute, cute big boy! I know, it's bittersweet for you. Can you believe how fast the time goes? When both of my kids turned 9 I went into a funk b/c I realized my time at home with them was 1/2 over just.like.that. Of course, there are days I'm glad about that :), but they are few and far between. Enjoy Stink in all his stinkiness for this next year, Mama P. xxxooogretchen

Jenster said...

I'm guessing it's the birthday boy!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

So it's day two - how are you doing with the cussing thing??? :O)

Monnik said...

aw, Happy Birthday to the adorable little man.

your list cracked me up!

Happy New Year!

ms chica said...

Cheesin' for the photo! Don't you just love five.

mrsmogul said...

I tried to give up Pepsi this year but have had three in the three days of the new year! (fellow babycenter writer)