Thursday, February 14, 2008

Made In China

I found this odd numbered set of Corelle dishware on my weekly thrift store jaunt. I believe the pattern is called "Crazy Daisy". It also comes in olive green and I believe some shade of orange, but don't quote me.
Mine have a pattern of white and mustard yellow, the yellow wrapping around the saucers and plates in a cheery display of 1960's florals and butterflies.

I don't know why I love thrifting so much. Is it the good deals? The thrill of the hunt? The pleasure in finding odd items to fill my home, making it more ecclectic and conversational?
Perhaps it's the idea that someone once loved something but then died, so I'm giving it a new life. Maybe it's a foothold in a past that I can romanticize - a middle finger to our cold modern age?

It's probably a combo of all, but for certain my biggest love for thrifting lies in how it representats people. To me, just because something has a small flaw, or a scar, does not mean it should be discarded. With a little TLC, something can be so shiny and new, you hardly remember it was once a worthless piece of trash.

Perhaps I treat old discards with such care because I, too, will one day be old. Will I be tossed aside, like someone's old memory book that no longer has significance, or will I be taken care of with loving hands? Will someone give me some dignity when I can no longer care for myself?

I don't know. But until that day comes, I plan on filling my life with wacky china patterns, lime green end tables and the occasional Raggety Anne doll found near a stack of baseball trading cards. The 1980's turquoise and black CD holders? Not so much. But I'm sure someone will love them as much as I love my Crazy Daisies.

Anything you're passionate about? Why?


liv said...

seriously, if you run across any of the milky white glass corning/corelle with the chickens and roosters? i want them. need them. gotsta have them. you've got my mobile right?

His Girl said...

I'm coming back to answer the "passionate" question... but wanted you to know how many cool points you gained with this post...

i think like a zillion!

I love that you are so fun and willing to look at the 'whys' of life. 'why do I love this?' 'why do I do that?' so perfectly awesome.

glad to hear you had a great V day. We're celebrating tomorrow! I'm sure I'll post about it. I'm becoming such an exhibitionist these days.

oh, and by the way, you are SO going to meet me one day. and you are going to be a little disappointed because I am fatter, louder, and more sarcastic, and less sweet than you imagined... but then you are going to be so glad you did because we are going to laugh so hard for so long, one of us might even pee a little bit, and I for sure will snortle at least 8 times.

Jessica said...

My grandma had this pattern and on it I ate the world's greatest meals. Awesome.

Monnik said...

I don't have a lot of time to physically shop at thrift stores, but I love eBay for the same reasons. My first eBay purchase ever was a set of four framed rural farm scene prints. The frames are huge and chunky, solid wood, and they are very unique. Definitely not what Pottery Barn has displayed on page 14. I love them and have been buying quirky things since.

amisare waswerebeen said...

We used to have that exact pattern of dishes when I was younger. I smile whenever I see those now.

Jenster said...

I used to pick up a pretty tea cup and saucer every time I went to a thrift or antique store. I've graduated to tea pots.


Gretchen said...

I love some thrifty things, but kind of like any decorative shopping, I can tend to clutter my house because I don't have the eye, nor the patience for getting "just the right piece". There is a gift to creating shabby chic; my stuff tends to just look shabby. :)

My passion is quilting because I think it's an ultimate recycling project if you really use up your scraps and old clothes, etc. Each little outfit or scrap has a story of its own.

Blessings on your gift of thrift and on seeing past the initial first impression. xxxooogretchen

patches said...

I used to do the thrift store antique mall thing for all the reasons you mentioned, but when I got hitched I thought it was a bad idea for two packrats to live together so I quit hunting and started passing the treasures onward. Oh yeah, I don't care to dust either.

Now, I haul home "natural" finds like rocks, sticks, lighter knots, and cones. Yup, I'm weird.

Liza's Eyeview said...

Anything I am passionate about? These's "blogging" my's blogging :)

And yes, i am a thrift store shopper too.

Have a nice weekend.

Susie Q said...

Hmm...British Royalty stuff...dunno. Just love it. Teddy bears...roosters 'cause they are so colorful and cool.
Rabbits, always rabbits. Dishes, and white.
Oh yeah, and Brian Dennehy stuff. Yup. I have the biggest collection of BD stuff in the world. Even BD himself doesn't have this much of his OWN stuff.

I am inveterate collector. It is a sickness.Really, Somebody stop me.