Wednesday, May 21, 2008

At a Loss for Words

Since I've had kids, I've lost cell phones more times than Oprah's lost weight. In fact, Oprah has been way more successful than I've been.

Once it fell off the top of the car on the freeway.

Once I dropped it in a toilet at a San Francisco airport.

Once I washed it.

Once I dried it.

Sadly, the last two fates are more than I do with my hair most days.

Being the computer stud that he is, Rex has always been able to replace them via Ebay. Sometimes the ringers don't work. Sometimes they won't take messages. Other times they sound like the inside of the Staten Island Ferry at rush hour. (Not that I've ever been inside the Staten Island Ferry, but I can only imagine noise, seasickness, and my crappy cell phone coverage as one horrible combination.)

I was pretty proud of a two month, no injury record. Until yesterday when my lucky streak ended. I couldn't find my phone. Bad.

But I called the market, and they said one was turned in at the exact time I lost it! Yeah!

So I figured I'd do dishes before the grand cell phone reunion so when Rex came home for his big reunion with the family it didn't smell like a Tuscon truck stop.

I turned on the disposal - recently fixed - and hear a clunk clunk cluuuuuunk.

Can you guess what was in there? I'll give you three guesses. If you get it right - you win a mangled cell phone!

PS: Thank you all for your well wishes on the Terminator gig. I have heard nothing. NOTHING. I really didn't expect to. This is about the 10th time location managers have photographed our home, and then they never call. My poor house - it's going to be so rejected once again. (Hey, maybe that's why the disposal ate my cell phone.)


Monnik said...

oh no! in the garbage disposal? How in the world did it fall in there without you noticing?

My husband is horrible at losing or ruining cell phones. One time he fell into a river while canoeing and his phone became fishfood. I wasn't amused.

meno said...

You are worse than my husband. That's saying alot.

Steph said...

I'm still living down the fact I washed ours once. Clean cell phones do not make for, um, well, useful cell phones.

amisare waswerebeen said...

Too funny. I've gone through three in the last year. I use though. It's local and they usually have a decent selection of cells. Good luck on your next one.

ms chica said...

It wasn't enough for my better half to lose his cell phone. He had to borrow my cell phone and lose it to. Now that I think about it, he actually did me a favor...

Ashley said...

Oh sad! I lose mine at least once a day and have to have Michael call it so I can find it again. So far I've only broken one, though, and really it was Isaiah's fault because he decided to teethe on it.

Gretchen said... it terrible that I'm sort of glad to read this? Takes the crown off my head for a bit. I was likewise happy (in a way) to hear that my husband had lost his newly replaced (nicer platinum model) wedding ring in a lake. Never to be recovered.

Reason? I.lose.things.

But really, I feel badly for you. Really. xxxooogretchen

Dapoppins said...

sheesh, how did it get in there!

Big Daddy said...

You can have mine.

It doesn't have a contract as it's pay as you go. Which means expensive per minutes but if you loose it, err, accidentally drop it in the dispose-all, yer good. And not out anything.

I'm not gonna use it. I'm going off the grid. It's kinda fun. there's a doc in there somewhere, but I'll save that info for later....

Terri said...

I closed one in the car door....Not good. I'm glad they don't have the antenna that stick out anymore...That's what I would break. What a pain.

I gotta say, though, that there are days when I wish I didn't have a cell phone. It really wouldn't be the end of the world for me...Just imagine, grocery shopping without having to stop and referee children's fights, tell someone where the peanut butter is or have someone ask when will I be home and what's for supper.....sigh. Sometimes modern technology isn't all know?
God bless

His Girl said...

Oh man! You poor dear. I am a loser of things myself... ... hope you get a new cute phone soon!