Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Drawing a Blank

Today my sister and I took my mother out for lunch - her first day using the walker instead of a wheel chair for movement. I have only three things to say about this grand event:

1. Given that it was my sister and myself who were right next to her when she broke her ankle in the first place, this only proves that a mother forgives all sins and places no blame.

2. When my mother couldn't maneuver her way up the curb, a hot, bald and muscular man resembling Billy Blanks offered to carry her up the step. She accepted. He wrapped his arms around her waist, thrust his head under her arm pit, and lifted her gracefully up to the sidewalk. She was elated. I was furious, however, due to my final comment:

3. Where's my camera when I need it?


patches said...

Actually this proves YOUR mother forgives all sins and places no blame...I know a few who don't live up to this.

As for your mother's knight, excellent!! Consideration lives!

Ramblin' Red said...

LOL at your conclusion!

Agreed with Patches.

Good to "see" you back!

Gretchen said...

Some gals have all the luck...


Sing4joy said...

Sounds positively romantic. Well, except for the injured part. And well, the part where you didn't have your camera. And well, to be perfectly honest - that picture is not very romantic. :)

James said...

This picture is just too disturbing for words.

Ashley said...

oh please tell me he was wearing a flaming orange tank just like Billy Blanks!