Friday, May 30, 2008

Caffeine Withdrawl/Civilization Withdrawl

Here is an article about a remote Brazilian tribe recently discovered. Face painted and ready to fight, these indigenous people are aiming at the planes with their weapons to ward off evil. Or perhaps nosiness. Kind of like George Clooney with the paparazzi.

I feel this weird fascination and repulsion by this discovery, as reported by the BBC. On one hand, how intriguing it is to know that people actually do exist without cell phones! And computers! And supermarkets!

At the same time, how annoying that they are being disturbed.

Regarding my Diet Coke abstinence, I can only emphathize with the dude in red, shaking his stick at the shiny metal object above him. "You are a threat. You are mean. You are ruining my peace. Go away!"

On civilization notes, it leads me to wonder what would happen if Rex ever gave up his love for the computer game, Civilization? How would he ever express his emotions?

And on withdrawl notes, which also refer to Rex, what if he had practiced that method with our love life. How would we ever have our beautiful children? How would he ever express his emotions?

Life is complicated. Perhaps that poor tribe is better off in isolation. Ignorance is bliss, right?

Take it easy and happy weekend!

* Picture from the BBC link above

5 days without Diet Coke. But I still drink 4 cups of coffee/day. Baby steps.

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Valerie said...


give up Diet Coke? i'd rather have my toenails removed with a pair of pliers.

JCK said...

I was beginning to worry that you were that woman on the island...after your days of no Diet Coke. However, I am greatly soothed by the knowledge that you are still mainlining coffee. We moms need the caffeine, sister.

Dapoppins said...

I gave up diet coke before. But there are certain things that can only be eaten with a tall, ice cold diet coke. Like,uh...everything.

Gretchen said...

Um...we really have to get together because Big plays online Risk, and so does History Boy. Also, they both love Civ 4, too.


I'm sure I'm rolling my eyes and feeling superior because those games are easy and I could have them whipped in no time.


God speed on the cola abstinence.


liv said...

I hate to say this, but I will be a bad influence on you if I make it to SF! coffee and cola are my vices!

Pam said...

I've never had a diet Coke... imagine that!

I hope to God we use our knowledge of that tribe to protect them and their way of life.

Ramblin' Red said... are not as crazy as I thought....

I thought giving up the diet coke = zero caffeine! How silly of me - glad you are taking baby steps ;) and not giant leaps!

Cheryl Wray said...

That story is crazy!!! It's hard to imagine that there are still pockets of isolation in our world. And, you know, sometimes I think that being isolated isn't a bad thing (but then, of course, I would miss the internet!).

I could NEVER give up my Diet Dr. Pepper. I'm addicted. :-)

McShowoff said...

If I had to choose between coffee and Coke/Diet Coke, I'd have to choose coffee. It must be the addict in me. Because I KNOW I'm getting caffeine in my coffee. Hell, that's the only reason I ever started drinking it. It is a hot, bitter caffeine delivery system, whereas soft drinks have always been ice-cold refreshing beverages which I never attributed my hyperactivity to. So I guess I just want to know that I'm poisoning myself as I'm doing it. Issues!

Susie Q said...

Yup, some rich folks pay huge sums to go somewhere isolated and these poor people are being frightened to death.
Not a thing wrong with being isolated...I am thinking about going there. I bet they have no idea what an election year is or about high gas prices,
mortgage failures, wars and bedbugs in hotel rooms. Okay, bed bugs the probably know about but they don;t STRESS about it!

No Diet Coke? Nope. Can not face life without it.

I left a thank you on blog for you and some others...I will do a REAL thank you soon. Grace was THRILLED by your gift. She is all about writing and papers and folders and pretty stuff like that. You were a huge success!

Thank you so much sweet lady.

Love to you all.

TroyBoy said...

Yeah, I have tried and failed to give up the caramel brown elixir that is soda. I wish you luck!

God's Guitar Girl said...

I have reached the conclusion that it is un-American not to consume offensive amounts of caffeine. If you are parenting without the help of this legal drug, you must be from Europe where you can drink wine all day and not get a buzz.


ms chica said...

Everybody needs a vice...just as long as we aren't talking about mine.