Friday, June 06, 2008

Coming out of My Shell

Did ya'll know that summer is almost here? This means bathing suits, beer and hopefully some random trips to places without clocks, cell phones and alarms.

Along those lines, I managed to carve out some magical moments with my family this week. Sad that I have to "make time" for it, but as a high energy, goal oriented person, I consciously must say, "Hey, what's the rush? The kids are only young once."

One of our unexpected jaunts was to a local outdoor mall after school today. Unextraordinary was the chain restaurants and Disneyfied ponds with supersized coy fish bigger than the average patron's collagen injected lips.

Extraordinary was Stink finding a random turtle wandering near some construction under an oak tree. We scooped it up, gingerly placed it in the pond, and laughed as it "Found its way back to his mommy!"

Despite days of wondering if I'm really cut out to shape the lives of two little human beings, I'm honored at how many of my childrens' stories
include happy little rugrats and their fearless mommies.

A few nights back, as I stroked my little man's moppy blond curls, I once again told him how much I loved him. "I love you so much, I can't..."

Stink: "You can't stand it!"

Me: "It's true. I can't. Do I tell you that too much?"

Stink: "It's okay. You can tell me that all the time!"

Me: "Even when you're older?"

Stink: "Even when I'm huuuuge. Like...8."

Me: "And what about when you're 11? Even then?"

Stink: "Uh-huh."

Me: "And you won't care if I say it around your friends at school?"

Stink: (pause) "Mommy, let's not do that."

And that answer, my friends, is precisely why I'm taking the time to relocate the lost turtles while I can.

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Jen said...

So sweet. I love his little hand cupped around your neck.

JCK said...

The small moments, conversations...what they say! Lovely picture.

I'm looking forward to meeting you at BlogHer, too!

Jenster said...

What a great picture!!

I'm guessing you'll still be saying that to him when he's 13 even and he'll still be liking it!!

His Girl said...

yah, this. this is beautiful. This thing you do is called art. yes ma'am!

Travis Erwin said...

My oldest son is seven. he attneds school at the same place my wife teaches and for as long as he's went there my wife would stopa t his lunch table and give him a kiss when she brought her calss in. this year he asked her to stop kissing him in front of his friends. She took that rather hard.

Ashley said...

Oh - so, so sweet! You're such a beautiful mom.

Valerie said...

sweet, sweet story.

the nephew, at dang near eight, has told his mommy that a) she can't kiss him goodbye at school, AND while at school, he won't call her 'mommy.'

of course, she pays him no heed and smooches himself right into therapy.

Dapoppins said...

What a conversation...and well written post. Just saying.

AND...I chase my children down at school to give them goodbye kisses. They laugh like the love it and run really fast.

Monnik said...

that picture is the cutest darn thing ever.

and what a great conversation.

Relocating the turtles is the most rewarding work we'll ever have. I love it!

Gretchen said...

p.r.e.c.i.o.u.s. picture. Precious time together. None of us are cut out to shape the lives of others. That's why we have alcohol. NO!!! NO!! No! I kid. I do...

Ahem...none of us are cut out to shape the lives of others; that's why we have God and each other, and the kids themselves. They are great on the job training. And your kids, my friend, are blessed. To the nth degree.


Jen said...

The picture is so sweet. I love those moments that come out of nowhere and suddenly mean everything. Right now, my daughter gives fishy kisses, which I know I'm going to miss when she outgrows them.