Sunday, June 08, 2008

Why Do You Blog? Blogher Conference!

I have been meaning to ask you all this for some time now: Why do you blog? Or, if you don't blog, why do you read them? Feel free to come out of hiding if you've never commented here before. I promise not to stalk you. Not even if you come to...

Blogher. I'll be there July 18 - July 20. At this point, I'm only attending the July 19 conference. I'm not really into the rah-rah scene, so I'm scared that three days of women jabbering about writing might send me into a coma.

Will you email me if you're going?
Lorelle talks about blogging here.

Meanwhile, why do I blog? A few reasons:

1. It's a fun record of silly events that make my life worthwhile
2. I have met incredible people with similar outlooks on life
3. I have met incredible people with diverse outlooks on life
4. I have helped educate people about things near and dear to my heart
5. It polishes my voice

What do I fear about blogging?

1. That no one really cares about my silly life, and why should they?
2. That one day my kids will be angry at me for writing about them
3. That I don't really say what I want to say, so I'm trivializing my existence and not showing the real me

What do I hope to do more from blogging?

1. I'd like to make some money off my own blog, not just writing for other corporations (Though THANK YOU, Big Corporations, for letting me write for you! I can't believe you haven't fired me yet! Wait... that sounds weird. Back to my original question...)

WHY DO YOU DO THIS? WHY DO YOU READ THIS? Are we all really as narcissitic as critics of blogs seem to think? (Just Google my question - you'll see lots of real "journalists" who think we're pretty lame.)

In closing, my goal is to not hurt someone's feelings with my internet writing. If there was a code of conduct to sign, I'd sign it. Once was enough and I still feel bad about it, inadvertant or not.

So that's it. Who are you? Why do you blog or read?

Did you have a good weekend? Did you bake? Did you have lots of sex? Did you sleep? Did you go to church, temple or a nudist colony? What is up? (If you were at a nudist colony, don't answer that last question.)

* Photo of my silly little Pip. Why? Because I friggin' ADORE her and it's my own little narcissitic blog, so there.

More of my writing can be found on Goodhousekeeping
& Babycenter. I write under the name Andrea Frazer. Drop me a note! I’d love it! Or don’t.


JCK said...

Can't wait for BlogHer!!

I love your post. I will have to spend some time thinking this over, but just off the top of my head:

I blog to keep my writing muscles supple. (And no, did not attend nudist colony this weekend.) And to record my memories of my children. And to vent. To be heard.

Great topic!

And darling picture of your girl.

Monnik said...

I blog because I like to write and it's the best outlet for it. It's a bonus that my family and friends enjoy keeping up with my crazy-ass life too.

I read other people's blogs because it's kind of like literary people watching. And I love people watching. :)

Betsy said...

You have most definitely got a "mini me" situation on your hands with that little girl.
Why do I blog? Hmmm. That is a loaded question. I have a need to write it all down, lest this fleeting experience of motherhood just blows away in the breeze and I have nothing left but my trashed house and saggy boobs to show for it. Why share it? It's fun to share, I guess. People seem to appreciate and learn and get inspired from the sharing.
And, of course, the best reason of all, the same reason I smoked when I was a teenager: "Everybody does it, Mom."

Travis Erwin said...

I started blogging because writing fiction can be tedious. There is no immediate feedback and none at all unless you get published. It's nice to write something and then get a comment. Makes it feel I am connected to the world.

liv said...

i actually can't stand blogging, and wonder why anyone does it. you know?

will be in is decreed.

Ramblin' Red said...

I blog and read for much of what you've said here. Also because it's helping me find my voice and be who I want to be...and through blogging, that voice is heard.

I had a great-ish weekend.

And pip is adorable.

I wish I could go to Blogher - but alas, it is right after my second honeymoon with Charlie Brown - which will be expensive enough!

Jen said...

Pip looks like she's ready to take on the world!
I blog because I am. I blog because my daughter is. I blog because life is. I blog because there are people out there like me who want to acknowledge and be acknowledged. I blog because I can. I am blogger, see me type! (Whoa, what came over me there?)

His Girl said...

Why do I read blogs in general? I love to see other's perspectives. I could so easily get caught up in absolutes... this helps me see the 'why' behind others behaviors, and helps me strengthen opinions, helps me relax a bit.

why do I read yours? I love the feeling of comaraderie... the 'hey everything doesn't have to be the end of the world, we can laugh at it' way of thinking. It also calms me down, and makes me laugh- plus, I like smart people. And your blog is so intelligent.

Why do I write a blog? I feel like it uses my gifts in a less selfish way than just keeping all my thinks in a diary for myself. If anyone can get something out of it... it's more productive than hiding it in my nightstand, you know?

Am I going to the conference? I think I'm not cool enough yet. Maybe next year. :)

ms chica said...

Why? Stress management and I am interested in viewpoints that may not resemble my own. If I limited my experience to those who share the same school district, I would have a small view of the world and seeing the big picture is important to me.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm ... I'll have to think about it. I might make a post on it later.

Cheryl said...

I blog because it's not only a stress reliever it is also a way for me to communicate with others. I've made great connection and turned it into a job over at

Love to blog! It's addicting!

Great post!