Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Lets Hear it For the Boys!

So do you know that there are actually a few men who read all my chicky ramblings? Sadly (or perhaps fortunately) one of them is not Rex.

But some do dare to swim in this virtual pool of estrogen. I am going to list them here. Go on over and give 'em some love. Their blogs are great. And so... male. Fishing. Sports. Camping. Books about war. Pheasants. Miniature gaming pieces. Single dad musings.

You men kill me. But I love ya. I give you, with warnings in ( ):

1. Em (Sweet daddy and hubby... ahhhh... If you're fighting with your spouse, read him for inspiration. Or not if it'll make you more mad.)

2. McShowoff (Lots of balls here. That's all I'm sayin'.)

3. Troyboy (Puns galore. Lots of lists. Some radical opinions on rambunctious kids at Dairy Queens and prisoners on Death Row.)

4. Travis Erwin (Super smart. Will make you feel bad for being a lazy ass if you don't read.)

5. Long Island Wargammer (Miniature war pieces and Jesus are his favorite men. Don't get him started if you don't want to listen.)

6. Baldo Daddy (Single dad with music knowledge rivaling Troyboy. I see an internet game of chicken here.)

*** 7. Brad Paisley (Really funny music.)

I hope you find some of these links amusing. If you have a penis, and I forgot you, please let me know.

Photo above of my new pets. Aren't they cute? They don't have papers, but they don't chew the furniture, so I'll keep them.

More of my writing can be found on Goodhousekeeping
& Babycenter. I write under the name Andrea Frazer. Drop me a note! I’d love it! Or don’t.

*** Brad Paisley doesn't really read my blog. But I still love him.


Jenster said...

Em and Travis brave the waters over at my place, too. Even when I'm talking about nipples! Or maybe because I'm talking about nipples. I dunno. But they're both great!!

Dapoppins said...

Okay, wrote penis! ahahahah you made me do it tooooooo! ahahahaaaa!

God's Guitar Girl said...

Ladies, ladies, I'm sure the guys would reassure us that there's plenty of penis to go around -- no need to rush the counter! hahaha!! Srsly, Troyboy nearly made me pee I laughed so hard! Too funny...

Valerie said...

you said penis.

and Brad doesn't read yours because i make him read mine. bwa-hahahahahahaha!!!

i'm the stalker your mother warned you about.

Travis Erwin said...

Thanks for the link love. As a man who writes women's fiction I can't afford to be afraid of estrogen or nipple talk.

McShowoff said...

Balls go great with a penis (which I think I still have), but I love the land of cyber-estrogen.

Thank you much for the shout!