Monday, June 09, 2008

The Morals in Aspargus

Every night we say prayers, followed by stories. It's customary to include people we know and events we've attended. Sometimes there's a moral. Often times they are silly. Tonight was no different.

Me: "One day Mommy and Papa and Scooby and Shaggy...

Pip: "And Dora and Boots..."

Stink: "And everyone we ever met in our whole life.."
Me: "...Went to the 99Cents Store. Mommy boughts a red balloon, Stink bought a blue one, Pip bought a pink one and Papa bought a green one. Scooby wanted one shaped like a Scooby snack, but they didn't have any. So he howled and howled."

Giggle giggle from said rug rats as they snicker at my lame attempts at whining like a sad canine. Continuing:

Me: "Shaggy tried to tell him what Mommy tells you guys about not getting what you want. 'You get what you get...' .

Stink: "And you don't get upset."

Me: "Right. Finally Scooby agreed that any balloon was better than no balloon, so he chose a helium one shaped like an asparagus."

Giggle giggle.

Me: "And as he was walking down the street, everyone said, 'Hey, Scoob, cool asparagus balloon! In fact, he got so many compliments, he went back and bought the rest of the asapargus balloons from the store."

Stink: "Yeah! And it cost him Twenty Seventy dollars!"

Me: "Uh-huh. And this time, when he walked out of the store, he was overcome by so much helium that he flew high into the sky. And when they got popped by a bird, he landed on top of none other than a SCOOBY SNACK FACTORY!"

Pip: "And he ate a million zillion Scooby Snacks?"

Me: "You got it! And he was so happy. Because while he didn't end up with a Scooby Snack balloon, he got the real deal, which was waaaay better than he could have anticipated. And that just shows that sometimes what you think is a mistake, and something you really never considered, turns out to be the best thing that could have ever happened."

Given that's what transpired when Stink was only nine months old and I got pregnant with Pip, the moral of that particular store rang very sweet in my ears..

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JCK said...

Oh, my...we will have much to discuss. My children are 10 months apart!

I loved this story. So wonderful to write down and have for years to come. We like to make up stories, too. My dad made up amazing stories when I was a kid and I love the idea of carrying on the tradition.

His Girl said...

you are in charge of telling me bedtime stories every night should we ever travel together. i called it. no takebacks.

Jenster said...

I always knew asparagus was good for something!

Cute story. :o)

Monnik said...

I love this so much! Stink's 'yeah and it cost him twenty seventy dollars' comment cracked me up!

liv said...

twenty seventy dollars.

that's my kinda number!

Mama P said...

People, can ya'll tell me when I make horrific spelling errors? Like "antipated?" What is that? Ha! Changing it now.

Ashley said...

Oh Andrea - I just adore you! I've stayed up way past my bedtime just to read your blog, so thanks for the bedtime story tonight.