Saturday, October 22, 2005

Goodbye James, Part 4

Our fourth goodbye in one month. Godspeed, God bless, and get your butt home soon. I miss your help putting the kids to bed at night... I mean, I miss your smile.

Other updates:

* Mrs. V had her baby on Friday - Vincent Edward - 7 pounds, 7 oz. Congratulations Mrs. V! I can't wait to find out the details. All I know is she went into the hospital in the morning and he was born at 1:30 Pm, so that was one fast delivery.

* My first day of work is Monday. The kids' great grandma, Stella, is coming over to watch the kids for a few hours while I do my thing. More later on this 84 year old dynamo. All I can say is she lives in a trailer park, drinks martinis that can start a car each day at four, and is going to her park Halloween party as a pregnant ballerina. She's a pistol, and sometimes a pain in the ass, but so am I, hence our friendship.

* Got my SUV back from the shop. I am starting to regain strength in my lower spine after hunching in the oompa loompa mobile.

* Almost done with my article on Marrit. Any of you out there in cyberspace who have article ideas or businesses you're trying to get off the ground (and you live in the Valley) please email me with suggestions. I'll plug you as much as I can.

* Looking forward to seeing Cecelia and Slim tonite. Slim is working 7 days a week finishing up a movie (he's a special effects/graphic guy). Cecelia and I laugh that I wanted Hollywood and married Computer Guy, and she wanted low key and married Hollywood. Life.

* My 83 year old aunt from Conneticut is arriving via car on Monday with her two nieces. She's coming equipped with vegetarian recipes and oxygen. Should be awesome.

* Nick just ran in very upset. James is about to leave and Nick's screaming "I want to go on the airplane toooooooooooooooo".

* Texas Liz is doing well with Baby B and toddler J. No problems with B at all despite a down syndrome scare.

* My sister in law is going to be husbandless for 4 - 6 weeks while he's on business. Without two kids, her alone time can actually be alone time, and I applaud her. You go, K!

* Sophie says about 15 words now: "Up!" "Da (down)" "Boo!" (our dog) "Pa Pa" "Ma Ma" "Dace!" (for dance) " Ba ba" (bottle) "Ma!" (more) "Gain" (Again) "Bye" "Hi". If I ask where her nose, ears, toes or belly is, she points. She gives head bonks on command and kisses. I adore her.

* Nick is now taking apart my 8.00 sewing basket that's supposed to be for my ebay stuff. So much for "me space".

* James and I spent 100 last night on a babysitter, food out, martinis and icecream. We're bloated more than Britney Spears.

* I finished Anita Shrieve's "Light on Snow" and was not impressed. I'm now reading "Good in Bed" about a heavy girl in her thirties living in the east coast missing her boyfriend. It's writing is good, but kind of like every other novel about a girl on the east coast looking for love. Very oh so clever and witty. A bit overwritten. Then again, so are my blogs, so maybe I have hope. I finished last month "Hypocrite in a White Pouffy Dress" - now that was FUNNY. (I'm reading this and thinking 'how do I have time to read all this but have no time?' Again, women are crazy. )

* Speaking of, must finish pilot for Susan. Almost done Susan.

This post is not very insightful today. I leave you with a quote from the Oprah Magazine, who quotes Eleanor Rooosevelt, "We have to face the fact that either all of us are going to die together or we are going to learn to live together, and if we are to live together, we have to talk." Eleanor, talking is not an issue for me.

Side note: My father had a friend named Leonard who was our plumber (my dad was always befriending the plumber, the butcher, the baker and the candlestick maker) Leonard heard Eleanor Roosevelt was coming to the Valley and wrote her, inviting her for coffee. She responded in the positive. So, one fine day in 1970 something, the plumber and the First Lady had a hot beverage in his newly retiled kitchen in Canoga Park. I love that.


K said...

congrats on your glamorous. I'm jealous and will think of you when I'm teaching 20 kids how to write paragraphs...

Mama P said...

Thanks, doll. Not so glamourous. I'm making bumpkis, under the table, and I edit bitter writers who have degrees but are writing for free. My desk is a 1980's laminate and the style of the "back house/office" is early 90
s S. Western. Light pink, aqua and cactuses. Sexy sexy!!!!!

Thanks for the link below. I now share yee with others!