Monday, October 24, 2005

Starting my Job at 10... no 12

After dressing 2 kids, dressing myself, preparing breakfast, lunch, sippy cups, bottles and beds (to make Great Grandma Stella's babysitting gig a smoothe adventure) I got a call from my boss. "Computers are down and yours isn't fixed yet. Can you start at 12 instead?" Sure, what the hell. The old Andrea would have been upset. Like my ex boyfriend, Big B, I did all this prep work only to have a switch pulled on me. Of course, this was only an hour of prep and the time was swapped, not 4 years of prep to have his sexual preference swapped... but still! The old me would have been irked. The newer Mama P me? "Ah, hell... I have a sitter. This is just two hours of extra time for me to write that damn pilot at Starbucks. Besides, I'm not working this newspaper gig to pay my bills. Let's just see where it takes me."

People, I can't guarantee Valley Scene is going to land me a column for Daily News, or some tv show. But I do promise lots of fun stories. And James, if you're reading this, YES IT IS WORTH THE EFFORT FOR NOW... I'M GETTING OUT OF THE HOUSE.

Good bye. I'm off to spend 5.00 of money I haven't made yet on a Starbucks cappucino. Hmm... maybe I should work there? But not the one on Nordhoff. The one in Studio City on the corner of Coldwater and Ventura. Then I can charm my way into being "friends" with some writer from Radford Studios and then get a job. Of course, before this fantasy happens, I will spend more on gas than my paycheck. Which will piss James off. Which would cause lots of fun blogs.

See how fxxxed up my thinking is?

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