Saturday, October 15, 2005

Happy Birthday Papa

Happy birthday James -

Something for you to ponder as you enter a new year: You are quickly moving up the corporate ladder, you have the mind of a super computer and are better looking than JFK Jr. These attributes might make you feel smarter than God. You are also, however, thick headed, rigid at times and not exactly Gumby in the flexibility department. At 34, you are also older than God.

My point? You are an angel when it comes to our kids and put up with a devil of a wife.

Maybe you are God after all?

No way. Jesus might have made long journeys into Galilee, but he was no trekky.

I love you, you grumpy old man you!

(Pictures: Black and white in front of our house when Sophie was 5 months, Nick a bit over two. Sophie is happy despite having a bad mama bowl haircut I tried to hide with pigtails. The piicture of the 3 of us was taken immeidately after Nick was born. James was crying over the miracle of life, and maybe a server he just found out was blown. I was crying from exhaustion and thinking that Dominic resembled Cartman from Southpark. Other photo is of Papa with Sophie screaming right after she was born. She hasn't stopped since. How did a quiet guy like James end up with two crazy women? Lucky guy...)

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