Friday, October 14, 2005

Pilots Are Sexy

TV Pilots that is. Especially when you have a break in your story and it starts to flow.

I actually got work done today because, weirdly enough, I'm putting time in my calendar to write. I realized if there's room in October for doctor appointments, preschool, trips to the cleaners, Sunday School teaching, birthday parties and car tune ups, there's room for my needs, too.

What a revelation.

Of course, I still got in some prime Mom Time as evidenced in the pictures above - a surprise for James' 34th birthday tomorrow. (And no, I'm not worried about him seeing it before the party because he doesn't check my blog on a consistent basis. Why? Because he has the whole "taking care of what James needs to do first" thing down. And I don't mean that in a bad way. I simply mean that, as a man, it's obvious that free time is spent attending to his needs first, and it's time I get on that train.)

As soon as I put on Thomas the Train for Nick.

And clean Sophie's toy train off so it doesn't mess the floors.

Which have serious tracks of dirt on them which I need to clean.

All before I finish my scheduled writing.

Other random notes:

I hope you feel better, Ceceila.

Bride To Be, congrats on your wedding last week. I wish you a wonderful honeymoon and years of wedded bliss. And when you get out of la la bride land, get your butt over here and take my pictures!

K - way to go on writing that book. I can't wait to edit it with you.

I am so sick of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt I could scream if I weren't already tired from screaming at my kids from runnining into everyone elses' photo sessions at the mall today.

I can't wait to see how Tom Cruise handles Katie Holmes' post pardum depression. I can see her now "I'm fat for the first time in my life! The father of my baby is a couch jumping cult member. I want to drown myself in Dawson's Creek but my huband says it's just hormones and to meditate. Okay... I'm meditating... about how screwed up I am. Where can I get one of those 'Free Katie' tee shirts? I'd scream, but we had a silent birth. Damn scientologists."


K said...

I'm laughing out are hilarious!

cecelia said...

Can I get a copy of that picture of the two kids in the fire engine? Please? :-)

Thanks for the well-wishes...but I feel as bad now as I did three days ago. The flu is an evil, evil thing.

Mama P said...

Oh Cecelia, feel better soon. If I could I'd give you the moon... The moon in the sky that's up up up, not the one that's in my butt.

bridethatwas said...

I am slowly getting back down to earth here. I now am Mrs. Olkie and have a wonderufl husband. 2nd day of work and all I have done besides make 2 phone calls is catch up on your blogs starting with the beginning of September. Your blog is the BEST way to make my work day faster. I will definitley be calling you to take pics because I recognize thosse darn props from the Picture People which, being James honest, I did a stint at for almost a year. I am coming over quickly. :)