Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Taking A Break From Blogging to Cool Off

After 3 years blogging in this space, I need a small break to work some issues out. Some of them include, but aren't limited to:

* My friggin' ads. Why just public service ads? And what do I really feel about ads on my site? Will I lose credibility? Am I a sell out or, like any artist with patrons, do I not deserve some income for my work?

* Is it work to write here? Not to me. It's always been a joy, which leads me back to question #1 again and begs the next question...

* What credibility do I have? I mean, what is this site about anymore anyway? Slice of life? Mommyhood? Being positive?

* Perhaps most importantly, will anyone's life be ruined if I'm not throwing my opinion into cyberspace each day? Doubtful.

I write all this not to be negative, but because I really do want to make a difference to people with my writing, even if it's just silly entertainment.

I feel good about my paid gigs, because those have focus: Parenting or marriage. But most important to me is my personal work. What is that focus?

Perhaps, in the end, there doesn't need to be one. Maybe the odd little nuances of my life are what pull my readers in. Or perhaps what sends them away, clasping at their chests,"Thank God I'm not saddled with a husband, two kids and a house in the burbs." I don't know.

I love my little space here. When my kids were only 1 and two and a half, it was truly my only connection to my writing life. When parenting seemed bleak and dark, with not a lot of extras to treat myself to, a kind comment from you made all the difference.

When Rex and I were going through a stressful period, I was able to turn to this site for insight on who I was outside of marriage. And while I certainly didn't share everything going on in my life (I shouldn't have to - no one should) I was able to let off some steam while I came to the peaceful place that I'm at now in my professional life, mothering life and marriage.

I hope you'll come back in September. But be aware: It will have a new look and some new vavoom once again. I'd like to think of it as going on a small cruise. Without the cheesey pitstops. Nor the bad lounge singers encouraging it to play shuffle board on the lido deck.

I'll be checking into everyone else's posts and most likely emailing many of you with technical questions as I work on a new look for PasstheZoloft as well as an organic type blog I'm doing in conjunction with someone else.

Finally, I recently taught an online magazine writing class that went really well. If any of you know people interested in taking an online class where people can log in at their own pace and learn how to pitch editors, send them my way. I'm charging 100.00 for 4 weeks. My last class landed someone correspondence with an editor in two weeks. I'm proud of that.

Anyway, thank you everyone! Talk at ya in September.

* Photo of the adorable dog we were housesitting for this weekend. I almost named this post "A Slippery Wiener" but I didn't want to go out like that.

More of my writing can be found on Goodhousekeeping
& Babycenter. I write under the name Andrea Frazer. Drop me a note! I’d love it! Or don’t.


Maggie said...

I come because you make me smile. Because I don't always agree with you and I like different perspectives. And most of all because I know you understand this whole battle of mommyhood. It's good to have friends in the trenches.

Gretchen said...

I couldn't have said it better than Maggie. If it's important to you to have a "cause" for your personal blogging, so be it. However, I personally--(cringing, no offense to your paid gigs)--enjoy this one the most. Could be because I am out of the trenches of early childhood. Could be because I'm in a solid marriage, whether our sex life is always good or not. But I really think it's because I get to see more tidbits of the authentic you. And you DO make me smile--through laughter or through tears. Enjoy your break.

JCK said...

A slippery wiener would have been awesome, but not for the search engines sending crap your way.

I love your blog. I like what I see. I can't wait to see what you do with a new look. You are a great writer and I love the diversity.

I recapped (yet again!) my feelings about all of this in my post last night. I felt the need to clarify for some reason.

Will be emailing. Keep the 9th open, if you can.

Congrats on your student getting something so immediate after your teaching.

Hope your boy was well for his birthday party last week!

meno said...

I like that you are always respectful about any differences we may have.


I think i might break into song.

See you in Sept. Keep cool.

Pgoodness said...

I'll still be here in Sept. I enjoy your writing, don't care about ads, and don't care about credibility or anything like that. I read you because I enjoy it. Have a nice break!

flutter said...

I will be here when you come back. I like you too much to run away.

phd in yogurtry said...

"the odd little nuances "

which is exactly what I love about your blog.

its a relief to see that one can "take a break" from blogging. give it a rest. detox.

have a happy break.

Kristy said...

I don't really think a personal blog needs any justification.Just do it for yourself.I personlly prefer this type of blog.Slice of life etc.

Betsy said...

What a great, thoughtful post. Blogging is like that, isnt' it. Always keeping you on your toes. And design is huge. It's the part that makes me feel old and completely unsavvy. I just started a blog for Esther's art on wordpress and I'm liking it so far. Enjoy your blogcation.

Baldodad said...

As the above have said, I read yer blog b/c you are funny. Ads or not, I'll still be checking in.

Enjoy your break and come back soon (but rested).


Travis Erwin said...

The focus is you and your life and I for one enjoy reading it because you make it fun and entertaining with your voice.

Ramblin' Red said...

I understand the need for a hiatus, and wish you well. I'm excited about the new look with vavoom!

I come here because you are you. I read blogs with ads and blogs without. I think the idea of a "credible blogger" is kind of oxymoronic as people on the net can be anyone they want, should they choose to be. I guess, if I wanted "credible" bloggers, I would read more mags and newspapers where people have credentials (sometimes) but that's not what I'm after.

I love the personal, casual tone of blogs - you don't get that from "authorities" or experts with cred, y'know?

liv said...

i'll miss you, and encourage you to at least email occasionally, my sweet!

His Girl said...

I will miss this voice in particular, but it will force me to read your other two blogs more regularly for my mama p. fix

ms chica said...

Enjoy your break! I'll be here when you return.

You have posed good questions about the intent of blogging, of course you are the only one who can best answer those to suit your needs.

I enjoy the variety and liveliness of your blog. I read for the similarities in our lives, and the differences.

God's Guitar Girl said...

I get such a kick out of how you will put anything out there, and you are frickin' hilarious!! I secretly am wanting to have similar professional aspirations to what you do, so I'm always subconsciously taking notes when I read your material.

We'll keep coming back for more -- see you then!

Blog Mama said...

Ahhhhh. I'm constantly struggling with what I want to do with my blog. Be more consistent? Try to get more traffic and make money? Do I really want to put all these thoughts and images out into cyperspace? I feel ya, I feel ya. I hope you stay with it, though. I for one, will miss it.

PJ said...

I come looking for the "odd little nuances"! But I know what you mean about wanting a focus. Sometimes I believe that my blog is schizophrenic! It sort of rides on the waves of hormones that my estrogen-deprived body is not producing! I shall keep up with your other two blogs while waiting for your return!!

smilnsigh said...

Have a good break!

How could I say anything else, since I'm on one, myself? :-)

Just found you really, so I'm sorry you won't be here for me to pop into and simply enjoy...even while I'm on my own break.

But we all need breaks, and it's wise of us to take them, when 'our gut feeling' tells us to do so.

I love the way you have been doing this blog. If that's of any import. Love your wit and all.

But however you feel in Sept., about your 'new blog feel,' I'm sure I'll love that too.

Gentle hugs,
Miss Mari-Nanci
'Smilnsigh' blog

Monnik said...

Have a good break, Mama P! I love your blog - I come here because even though we're from totally different places (geographically), we have a lot in common.

Jen said...

I like the way Betsy puts it, a blogcation. Nice! Pass me a margarita. I'm saving the Zoloft for September.

Valerie said...

holy freaking CRAP. what am i supposed to do until September? it's like getting a NBF in June and breaking for summer vacation.


but you know i love you and will be marking off the dates until September rolls around.
and brings its slippery weiners.

have a bitchin' summer, see you in homeroom!
xoxox- yerpalval.

9ndhouse- Katie S. said...

Have fun! See ya in Sept.

sari said...

I look forward to seeing you in September!

momma's heart said...

Missing your blog. Looking forward to your return.

Have you heard from Ashley, from the Isaiah and Melora blog? I am kind of worried about her. Maybe she just decided to stop using the computer, for the most part? I don't know. It is kind of strange to have bloggey friends that you get somewhat close to, and yet can't check up on, to make sure they're well. I guess it's the nature of these cyber connections.

Take care. Bless you.

Deb said...

You have ads? I can honestly say I never took notice...

I enjoy reading your magazine articles, but I enjoy this just as much - if not more. And do blogs have to have a purpose? I think of them more as an outlet - a stress reliever. Your blog is for YOU. You're just nice enough to share it with us =)

Enjoy the break, enjoy your summer and come back recharged!

Ashley said...

Hey Andrea! I'm sorry I didn't answer you sooner, and thanks so much for thinking of me. We took our family summer-screen break, which meant no T.V., no Xbox, and extremely limited internet (just important prayer, work, and family e-mails were read and answered.) I realize I should have mentioned this on my blog, because I certainly didn't want anyone to worry.

I feel wonderful having had a nice long break from all media entering into my home, and I've seen God work in all our lives during these past weeks without so much loud distraction. I got to read seven good books during the evenings, and Michael is reading his third, which is awesome because he wasn't into reading for quite a while. I'll try to write about it soon, but I have to confess - it's difficult to get back on the computer after such a luxurious break from it.

I also really have to apologize for not replying to you about the blog class and the sweet e-mails you sent me. I was wiped out after our SD vacation and needed to focus on my kids. You're a great friend, though, so I'm sorry for ignoring you. I eagerly await the return of your blog in September and will content myself for now with reading a few of your older posts when I get sentimental and misty-eyed for my feisty Andrea!

Vodka Mom said...

just found you, and now you're taking a break? well crap. that's okay - I'll be back.

Susie Q said...

Yoo Hoo...Mama P...Ms. Andrea person...I miss you...come back soon...I need a good laugh and a big dose of your posts!

Love ya,

MT said...

Hey mama p,
Thanks for the comment (2 weeks ago!) on my post. I think that in blog format everyone's life can seem amazing. I often thought yours and Betsy's lives sounded pretty cool too.

WRT the preschool obsession thing, I wasn't sure how to add to my comment "unless you are dealing with a kid with tourette's, autism, ADHD, etc, then I can understand the need to be more choosey" without offending people. Although what I just wrote doesn't sound so offensive. Its just a lot of the articles I read online or in magazines don't seem to be targeting moms of kids with special needs (here I go again worried about being offensive), but seem to target moms whose kids are "normal". I think it was the normal description I was trying to avoid. Ugh. Making moms feel like if they don't do the research and find the best fit between their kids and preschool then their scholastic careers are doomed forever.
Anyway, the other thing was to reiterate from the baby centre, and from your previous good housekeeping comments. I think you are a great writer, and based on the other commenters, I am not alone. Your love for your husband, and his love for you are apparent even in the biggest strike-through post you could come up with. I don't feel sorry for Rex, I think he is a lucky guy. Plus I have a PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, so that means my opinion counts more (joke).

Sorry for the very long comment!