Tuesday, July 08, 2008

White Trash Here I Come!

I have decided that although I would love a new kitchen, it's like giving up Diet Coke - simply not in the cards. (Yes, I'm back on the juice. I had a good month's run of water and ice tea. And then my body screamed, "Fxxx this shxx" and I had to oblidge it.)

* Sidenote: Do you think I'm somehow more classy by not actually spelling the cuss words? Because I really don't want to swear. But, like my new kitchen and giving up cancer inducing sodas, I just can't. Moving on.

My kitchen: I've had it with the chipped tile, old paint, stupid knick knacks, goo on the counters, old curtains and general "Make me want to kill myself while I'm cooking gluten free tastes like a homeless person's shoe insert food."

And so, I'm fixing it up! I'm painting doors white! I am taking down old curtains! My sister-in-law is making me curtains for above my window and below my sink. I'm even going to replace the burnt brown 1970's laminate over my stove. I can't decide between aqua blue with sparkles or boring vanilla. You'll never guess what I'm leaning toward.

Is my decorating tastes potentially a cross between the Pottery Barn, the Salvation Army and a brothel? Perhaps. But you know what? If I'm not spending 25 grand right now, I want to have something fun. For my time and about 250.00 in new accessories, laminate and a throw rug, I can have a fun 1950's style kitchen.

And, after K is done with my under the sink curtains (I'm thinking aqua with cherries or white with cherries) I might never want that new cooking space after all.

PS: Feel sorry for me. I have a yukky throat. But soon I'll be able to make it feel better with tea in my funky new kitchen. I'll toast a virtual cup to ya'll.

Looking forward to checking all your sites out soon.

* Photo of my little cans: Trash, recycling and wet rags. Sad that something so small like this just lifts my little heart up. And man, I need to paint pronto. I'm thinking of putting up stainless steel squares behind the trash cans, like they have in diners, for easy wipe down. I will have to check some restaurant supply sites. I love this stuff. And hey, suggestions are welcome. But not on the laminate. I want my aqua blue sparkles.

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Maggie said...

a) I looooooooove your hand towels

b) we're doing the same thing here though we did opt for a little diy construction. I feel you. How did you get laminate that cheap? Are you only changing a very small area? I'm probably going to be painting mine - scary.

c) aqua blue with sparkles all the way!

d) you know, you might find a good backsplash for your cans right at the local home depot or other alike store - you know the tin ceiling tiles? I found an article online once about using those as backsplash and it's pretty cheap. I'll see if I can muster a link.
Here you go: tin ceiling backsplash. Oh and we bought just plain tin by the foot at Home Depot for a project once it was so cheap and you could do the same with just plain if you wanted. Ok I'll stop now.

e) there better be pictures

Jen said...

I want pictures! I love makeovers, especially done on the cheap/ Also loving the stainless steel square idea. I need that behind our trash can since our toddler feels compelled to help throw things out now, her wet wipes, diapers, her shoes.. Now that I think about it, do they make a trash can which can be selective about what it accepts as trash?

momma's heart said...

Can't wait to see the pictures!

BTW: Those pictures of the mountains are really getting to me. I miss them soooo much!

The view reminds me of Mt. Lassen.

amisare waswerebeen said...

I love the idea of the can for the wet rags. And don't think you're alone, I'm drooling over the idea of a plain white pantry for my bathroom...cleverly reinvented as a linen closet.

ms chica said...

This makeover business must be contagious. I'm preparing to paint my kitchen, after I finish patching the drywall.

I look forward to pictures.

Em said...

Very funny post..and good luck on the makeover. But being a guy here, I gotta ask..how many wet rags does a person have?!?! A whole can for wet rags? Are you not using our full share of rags in my house? LOL

As of the swearing...I'm not sure the little symbols are making it more classy. But it probably slows down some of your hits from google searches.

Travis Erwin said...

My kitchen has avocado green and harvest gold tile so I too believe in the retro look. Or maybe I'm too lazy to update and thus far have ducked my wife's not so subtle hints we need change.

Susie Q said...

Hm...I have never been successful at deleting Coke or cussing from my life. I try but that F***ing syrup keeps calling me back...dragging me home. *sigh*
I am so sorry yo have a nasty throat. You can NOT feel bad on THIS day. This day of all days...why, it is Brian Dennehy's birthday!!! I am still trying to have it declared a national holiday.
Feel better and yes, We NEED photos of the makeover...uh huh. we DO!

Love to you all,

smilnsigh said...

Re: the cuss words. Hey, I don't care what you use. I'm loose. -giggles- And those 2 do not happen to be swearing anyway. If you really want to get technical, that is. Those 2 are what would be called *vulgar.* -giggles}

But see, I'd not even care if you used the old military standby of WTF! And this one is actually pretty safe, 'cause not that many ladies know what it stands for. -heh, heh, heh- But since I follow lots of mil. blogs and love them dearly... I do.

And now, since I have overrun my make-believe comment quota of words, I'd better close this one. But not without saying... Hoooray that you chucked stufffff on counters. Now that, I do so love... Not having stuff on kitchen counters, that is.

And Re: yucky throat. Ditch it quickly. 'Tis not the season for yucky throats and that sort of stuff. Chuck, chuck, chuck it! :-)

Photos-City-Mine blog and 'Smilnsigh' blog

JCK said...

Aqua blue sparkles sound TOO fun! Go for it. It sounds like a great project. We're redoing our office space at my place. It is very exciting!

I hope your throat feels better. Get well! Only a week left until...the BLOGHER conference. Just in case you forgot.

Deb said...

Home improvement projects - I love this stuff YAY!!! I can't wait to start on my own kitchen so maybe this will inspire me to get off my rear end and actually DO something =)

Before and after pictures? Please?

Rebecca Ramsey said...

I LOVE a fifties kitchen. But will you wear pearls? Will you have that sparkly look in your eyes that fifties domestic bliss must bring? (I see it in all the ads...women over the moon about how white their husband's is.)
If so I want to see pictures!

PJ said...

Go for the aqua blue! Bright colors would definitely cheer me up. Besides sometimes husbands don't go for the brighter colors, get tired of it and somehow figure out how to afford the remodel!!! (Isn't that terribly manipulative???) Ah feminine wiles! (Guys don't read comments either, do they???)

Pam said...

So, do we get to see the new kitchen when it is done? I think what you are doing is way more fun than the expensive approach, and more personal.

I think of you every time I look at Raggedy Ann and I smile.

kristina said...

Definitely go for the aqua blue. I want to see pictures when it's done!

Princess in Galoshes said...

I don't think I could be your friend anymore if you don't go for the aqua blue sparkles. I mean, come ON. It's like choosing between Fun and Not Fun.

NO pressure, though.

Valerie said...

my place is decorated in Early American Garage Sale, so i dig anything that looks like style.

i'm sorry you've got a yucky throat. it's this freaky weather we're having!

Imez said...

"the Pottery Barn, the Salvation Army and a brothel"

Just frickin' awesome. I want to live in a world like that. It'd be like being high all the time.