Wednesday, August 03, 2005

The ABCs of NBC

My good friend, and recently married Shana (Mazel, dahling!) is so wonderful because we might not talk for months, but she never forgets to send me an Easter card (see, we waffling Christians get Easter cards) and random voice messages. I just picked one up from 2 hours ago where she starts right in,"It says on the news that NBC is looking for scripts. F.Y.I." Click. First of all, God bless her faith in me. Second of all, for all her Masters degree education and inbred intuition/smarts, she and everyone outside of Hollywood isn't aware of what this newscast is really saying: "NBC is looking for scripts... from people who are already gazillioners from writing crappy sitcoms and want to hitch their names to our stars for an astronomical amount of money even though their are other freelance writers out there who can do a way better job if only they were working on their pitches for Warner Brothers rather than their personal blog." Well, everything up to "Even though" is what the newscast was saying.

Now I'm going to work.

I really am.

As soon as I finish two more Twin Dragon Almond Cookies.

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