Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Women Are Crazy II

While preparing for our big Warner Brothers meeting (which we have heard nothing from - surprise, surprise) Herb had some glorious insight regarding my blog.

1. He admits it is very well written
2. He feels his wife would relate to my struggle for balance
3. He thinks men will never read this dramatic crap

Regarding number 3, I had to laugh. Herb is a big dude. He's an ex-player, ex-partier, avid reader and all around funny man. He has a lovely wife, two kids, provides a solid home for his family and, like my husband, has no idea what a woman really thinks about. He's gotten himself in hot water on more than one occasion, which I've bailed him out of. Example: He and I were knee deep in a spec script when his pregnant wife called, stating she was in ER over a minor fender bender. He asked if she was okay. She confirmed that she was and didn't need him to come by. After telling her he loved her, he hung up the phone to continue writing with me (who at the time was single and, to quote another Gretchen song, could best be described as "I may not be a 10 but the boys say I clean up good". I told him that despite what Heidi said, if he didn't get his ass to the hospital, he'd be sleeping in the Pack N' Play for the rest of his life. He called me on the way home from ER, gratefully proclaiming "You saved my marriage!"


Like my husband, he doesn't understand the gray area of a woman's mind. If he's hungry, he eats. If he' s tired, he sleeps. If he's feeling frisky, he... is told by his wife that she's too tired from her "To Do" list on my previous post and that he's on his own.

Hence the title of our next pilot "Women Are Crazy". It's going to be about a working dad trying to deal with the antics of his female business partner and wife. It's a real stretch for us, but we're going to try to do it.

Here's the goal:

Outline by end of August
First draft by end of September
Write one hour/night
When you feel like procrastinating? Blog.

Wish us luck.

(* Pictured: The ever gregarious Herb, making sure no drink is untouched, no person is un-schmoozed, and no woman is un-danced with.)

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