Thursday, August 11, 2005

Nickel and Dimes

Got a call yesterday that Herb and I are finalists for the Nickelodeon Fellowship Program.

If we win, we'll get paid 30 grand/year to write on a variety of shows. Upside for them: they get well over a hundred grand worth of work for next to nothing - forcing them to consider changing their name from the Nickelodeon Fellowship Program to the "We're Nickle & Dimen Them" program.

However, no one's more ready to work for peanuts then Herb and I, so fingers crossed! (It really would be a great feather in our cap. Even if it means I'm still buying my cap at Walmart. The difference: I'll also be buying Dora the Explorer Pull-ups: A show produced by the one and only Nickelodeon!)


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Mama P said...

What's the Top 10? Thanks for reading, by the way. I will check out your blog, too.