Friday, September 09, 2005

Bad Spam, Bad Spam

In an effort to avoid advertisements for lower extremity male enhancers and how to get rich quick schemes, I have turned on a 'comment blocker' on my blog. This means that if you want to comment, you will have to do one extra step to verify you are a real human being. A box with letters will appear. Just type it in and wham, you're set. I think this is a one-time step, so I hope this won't discourage you from checking in with me. I really do hate Spam, and you just know that some foreign kid out there was given that name with complete love. In his country, Spam could mean 'Wisdom' or 'Good Fortune'. And he's going to start Junior High here and get his ass kicked. Maybe he'll be friends with Dick from that play group I went to. Best of luck to you, Spam.

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