Thursday, September 01, 2005

You Loot, We Shoot

There is exists some sad irony that tonite I sat in a state-of-the-art auditorium with my husband for a preschool parent orientation night. Thousands of miles away were other parents who were also in school auditoriums, but their fate was not so lucky. In our hurry to get to our destination, James and I argued about my driving style, as well as his bad attitude toward work today. In other auditoriums, many people didn't have to bitch about driving styles, because either their car was under water, or their spouse was dead. While we listened to the fine points of an emotional/spiritual/intellectual and physical education for Dominic, many parents were just concerned with rocking their babies to sleep on sleeping bags, wondering exactly how they'd feed them, clothe them and care for them tomorrow.

On the ride home, a final oddity occured to me that James and I are spending our vacation money (2 grand/year) to send Dominic to school - to instill in him right from wrong, to be nice, to share, to not take from others. And yet, throughout Hurricane country, some people are looting and shooting. Is it because these poor souls (or bastards, depending on how you look at it) didn't have mommies and daddies to send them to private preschools? Is it poverty? Is it lack of religion? Is it desperation? A little bit of everything?

All I know is that right now I have no right to complain about anything. I woke up at my mom's house, having crashed the night there with my kids, and ate a delicious meal. I then spent the day with L., a lovely mother from my moms group who is expecting her second baby in a few months. Dominic played with Jay Jay, her son, spending hours pushing his many Thomas trains 'round and 'round a beautiful wooden train table. We were treated to a fantastic lunch. We all went home to a clean, cool house and slept. I had dinner with my family. Tonite Nick and I read about "kisses", and when we got to the part about "bon voyage kisses" he said "I no go on that big boat mommy! I stay on earth with you. I love you. I safe with you." If only he knew how lucky, and true, that is.


I personally am giving a portion of my ebay earnings this month to the following two organizations:

Red Cross:

Noah's Wish: (An animal rescue organization that Cecelia saw on CNN that is doing wonders to help displaced creatures.)

(* Pictured: Southeastern Louisiana University students and staff sought shelter in the school's coliseum as hurricane Katrina roared through the city Monday.)

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