Monday, September 12, 2005

When Good Haircuts Go Bad

The goal was to trim Sophie's bangs and keep the hair long on the sides for a funky fifties soda pop waitress look. But she's such a wiggler, and I was afraid of Van Goghing her ear. So as she sit in the bathtub/sink, I'd take a snip here.

And snip there.

And then snip here again to get it even with the snip I did there.

The result? Kind of a Betty Boop-slash-20's flapper-slash bad mom cut.

I'm hoping people will focus on my first two descriptives until it grows out.


War Bride said...

That is the cutest!!

Mama P said...

WHy aren't you blogging war bride? What's new in your life?

War Bride said...

I'm just crazy busy since school started. I have so much writing to do for my classes that I have no energy to write War Bride stuff.

But all is not lost! I'll get back to it soon enough.