Monday, September 26, 2005

Welcome to the Crib, West Valllllley

There's an email going around about a professor who had a big glass soup bowl. He filled the soup bowl to the top with candy, concert tickets and money. He asked the class if the bowl was full. They agreed it was. Then he added small pebbles from his many beach vacations to the bowl, asking them again if the bowl was full. They agreed it was. Then he added some sand and looked at them. Without having to ask the question, they all tentatively said yes, the bowl was full. Then he added eight ounces of water.

The point of this exercize? If you fill your life up with crap, there's less room for the most important things you need in life - the water representing those items. Yes, you would survive on a tiny few ounces of water, like in this jar, but you'd be dehydrated and exhausted before you got very far.

I wonder what the professor would say about this crib - filled to the brim by Dominic as a surprise to his already exhausted mother (and at one point sleeping sibling) at 7am? I suppose Dominic left a little room in between the toys, books, dolls, clothes and diapers for my complete irritation to fill the cracks.

While I desperately try to live my life according to the professor's model today my life started out with the crib full of crap and went down from there: I had a kitchen full of dishes and flies, Sophie did a nose dive, Nick went to the doctor last minute for a horrific cough and fever, then both wouldn't go to sleep for me. Sure, I had some wonderful moments, as I'm determined to be the kind of person that makes the most out of bad situations. But it took an extra Large Diet coke to fill in the cracks in the crib.

I'm a bad, bad mommy.

Who is very very buzzed.

Guess who cleaned the dishes and did the laundry and swept the poop off the floor in under ten minutes and is now ready to take on her writing again? Caffeine MEEEEEEEEEEE!

Is there a hot line for moms abandoned by their spouses for the second week in a row with croupy toddlers who then fall off the Diet Coke wagon?