Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Ah, Memories

I'd like to put a good word out to a mama who is raising 3 boys in Chicago. She's one of those wacka-dos like me who is trying to bring up healthy children while maintaining her passions - in her case photography and writing. Here's her blog. http://www.travelswithtoni.com/blog/ I am posting 3 pictures of her ill fated holiday photo session. I love any woman who has the good graces to take out her camera when life is going to crap.
I particularly ike how big brother is laughing at little brothers who are alternately crying and also laughing at each other. Fabulous!

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Toni said...

Hee. Thanks for all the nice things you've said here. I'm so glad you found my blog becasue it led me to YOUR hilarious, lively blog. E-mail me your mailing addy and I'll send you the "final cut" holiday card (hint: it's one of those three).