Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Rudolf the Zoloft Reindeer

Okay, everybody, sing along to the "Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer" theme music.

Cue horns...

Mama P the Dead Beat Blogger
Thought that she could do it all
But all of that changed last Sunday
When she finally hit the mall

She couldn't find no parking
And when she finally did
The lines forming round Old Navy
Left reindeer tears on her lids


Then she got back to her house
With Xmas cards left to write
Both kids puked over the couch
And she and James had a fight - HEY!

Big Finish

Now there's four days til Xmas
With shopping and gifts to wrap
And if she sees dear old Santa
Mama P is gonna kick his asssssssssssssssssssssssssss!

* Pictured: Nick being particularly helpful by dumping a bottle of baby powder all over my already vomit stained cushions "To clean up the pee pee!" he informed me.

1 comment:

lizy said...

After reading Roudolf the Zoloft Reindeer and listening to my answering machine again, I believe you need to put these little diddys down on paper. Jessica actually has a book of children's songs with the words changed to stories of being a little kid. But, I think yours are much better.
DO IT!!!