Friday, June 08, 2007

Hooray for Hollywood

I decided to go back to my roots and attend a networking breakfast for female filmmakers this morning. The plusses: beautiful ocean views, hot coffee, stimulating conversation. The negatives: 8am in the morning in Malibu (about 45 minutes from me.) This means up at 6, out the door by 6 fxxxin thirty.

Side note: When you're waking up the rooster crowing crowd and lurring them with sippy cups of juice - akin to catnip for kittens - you KNOW it's early. The plusses: Topanga T lives ten minutes from there and agreed to take my munchkins so I could attend. Thank you T and B! (If I didn't already approve of her dating a man 14 years her junior - she's 37 - I absolutely love him now. He not only let them blast Lady and the Tramp at 8:15 am, but he actually watched it with them. I could joke that he's the SAME AGE AS THEM, but he's such a great guy that I can't go there. And more importantly, I can't risk such a great babysitting opportunity by being snarky.)

As far as getting back into the groove of talking to women who love creating for a living as much as I do, I only have six things to say:

Why did it take me so long?

PS: Above are photos of my boy practicing his batting skills. Like my script pitching, it's going to take some focus. Eventually, though, we'll knock it out of the park. Worse case we don't, we'll have fun trying. It beats sitting on the bench. (Unless you're sitting on the bench and getting paid for it. In which case, my ass will sit on your bench as long as you need me to. Would it be too much to request a Starbuck's half decaf, half caf vanilla percent latte while hanging out there? The metal slats get hard on a gal's bootie. Even the wood ones have the potential to poke. You think I'm a pain in the butt? Try hanging out on a bench all day. I'm telling you, this gal needs her Starbucks. Or a career in Hollywood, in which case I can have my assistant just get it for me. See... this morning's breakfast has already got me thinking ahead! Yeah, WIF!)

Happy weekend, peeps!


hamiam said...

Glad you got to go.

I was nodding with you re: Stink and his batting skills. Punkinhead, not quite 4, is hitting them out of the "park" already. LMNOB, saw, and wanted to show up her brother...and, well, her body awareness is not his. And she doesn't get why, and it's so hard to tell her, "It's ok, you have other talents!" b/c she looks at me in that birshon, "But mom that's what you're supposed to say - yeah, fzzn right," way.

And Starbucks, girl, you do talk my lingo - :)

meno said...

Sports metaphors are always good for getting yourself motivated.

And what did take you so long?

Mama P said...

Ham - Thanks for the insight on LMNOB and your boy. I can definitely relate.

Meno - I don't know why it took me so long to get back in the game. Fear of rejection? More than anything it was just the overwhelming responsibility I had, and still do, of raising two kids. Meetings can come and go, but kids need to eat and go to doctors, etc. I suppose I just didn't have the energy to plan me around them, and now I'm doing it. It's nice. And I'm going to stick to my goal of helping other moms in the same boat - some without the same support I have. I'm really so lucky.

Gretchen said...

You go, girl, and have a nonfat, double tall, sugarfree, 1/2 flavoring hazelnut latte for me, too. Extra hot, please.

Somehow I don't think you'll be waiting for long on those benches.

Cute pictures of your boy.

Toni said...

So, so happy you did this, Mama P. And equally happy for kickass friends willing to watch your kids!!

James said...

Wishin' you all the best....

Thanks for keepin me in the loop. Strangely, I think yous and M should chat about this particular topic.

and then, we're both on LJ as well...

I'd give my blog,but it's mainly for my classes and probably not very interesting...


PS. Enjoy the bagels, Mel.