Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Learning My Letters

I pick up friends akin to the way I thrift store shop: Last minute I bump into something, it's nothing I ever thought I needed, but once I get familiar with it, it's a part of my life forever.

And so it happened just now that I came home from a hot and sticky walk to find a handwritten letter waiting for me. As the kids played "Dora the Explorer goes to Costco and Gets Chased by Hot Dog Villians" (thank you, Sister R, for the play castle) I propped up on the couch, letter in hand. It was from my aunt-in law who, despite not being related by blood, shares a similar disposition to me. (This is a nice way of saying she's a bit wacky, quick to laugh, and doesn't mind the madness of toddlers and fart jokes. She has four kids of her own - all grown now.)

I am touched that not only she would take the time to handwrite me a letter, but am once again reminded of how connection comes when you least expect it. My mom is older. My dad is gone. My aunt is pretty ill back East. It's nice to know that in addition to my wonderful family right here - you really are so great, people - there's other folks in the world who take interest in what I do. In who I am.

Will I ever get that novel done? Will I ever make a fortune in my Ebay business? Will I ever figure out exactly why my children must open every slice of my gum while I'm napping and soak it in the toilet for me?

With people like my aunt-in-law out there who think I'm halfway good at the thing I love most, does it really matter?


Gretchen said...

You are so right. We really are great people. ;)

Nah, only kidding. I mean, I'm great and all, but I can't speak for the rest of your readers. Truly, blogging has really put me in touch with the neatest people. We don't have to impress each other, so we let it all hang out, and if someone doesn't like what they see; they can move on. But I like what I see, Chica. I do. Glad you got a note. It IS cool to get snail mail.

Liza's Eyeview said...

it's great to get a handwritten letter, especially from a kindred spirit...

...a bit wacky, quick to laugh, and doesn't mind the madness of toddlers and fart jokes.... I like your Aunt :)

Pam said...

First, let me say 'huzzah' for the handwritten letter, it seems a thing of the past, and I find that sad. I undersand why your letter meant so much and how important connection can be.

Maggie said...

Do you think kids go to some secret club where they have meetings about ideas to make moms crazy? Cause my kids went to the same meeting yours did. And now my girl has decided that she hates clothing but loves her rain boots.

And with all that gum destruction, yes connections are so important and wonderful. Oh and yes I think you will finish the novel, make a fortune at Ebay because you've got the manic energy to do it!

Dapoppins said...

I have an older lady friend who I write short notes to back and forth. We could call each other, but she does'nt hear so well and I think she likes the letter writing as much as I do.