Friday, June 29, 2007

Oh What a Night!

If this week were an auto accident, I'd be wearing a neckbrace. Or at least one of those plastic lampshade deals that dogs wear for licking their butts too much.

Lots of fun stuff to share, but the highlights were definitely due to Rex. Not one for spontaneous manuevers, he arrived home one day early from a business trip. Even the laundry bowed down in gratitude. (Although I have yet to buy new soap. Or milk. We'll have very stinky/cranky kids if I don't stop writing and hit the store soon.)

Last night he took me to see The Jersey Boys (The story of Franki Valli and the Four Seasons.) It was one of those business deals from vendors, but God bless him for remembering to say "yes" when he normally says no. I LOVE this stuff. We had dinner beforehand on the top floor of a downtown office building. What he considered "schmoozing with strangers to be taxing" I ate up more than the four courses of food I was served. (And nary a plate did I need to wash... perhaps the best part!)

I know life isn't always glitz, glamour and surprises by handsome strangers (Okay, we've been together ten years, but just go with my picture for a moment)... but it sure was a fun change. To put my anxiety away and just go with the flow... to get lost in the moment... this is nothing short of a miracle for me.

To quote the standing ovation dance number, "Oh What a Night!"

Here are some highlights with the exact cast we were fortunate enough to see.


Gretchen said...

Oh What A Treat!

I'm drooling with jealousy, I'm afraid. Love that title song, and always have. The clip was marvy. Thanks for sharing, and I am so glad you had a wonderful time with your hubby.

Can't wait to hear about the rest of the story... :)

Melessa said...

Oh what a night, indeed! I would say "I can't wait for Jersey Boys to come here!" But, as I live in Oklahoma, I can and will wait. Wicked just left so I'm thinking it will be about three years. Ah! Life on the prairie...

hamiam said...

What a treat :)

I'm a wee bit jealous.

Dapoppins said...

Oh, that looks like fun. Smart husband to say yes to those tickets.