Friday, June 01, 2007

Stimulating Dinner Conversation

Our family might be all over the map during the day (sometimes for long stretches when Rex is traveling) but during a traditional work week, we sit down to dinner together. It might be at 5. Sometimes 6. Sometimes it's paper plates, sometimes it's Fiesta Ware. Sometimes it's steak and salad, more often than not it's boring pasta and frozen veggies.

Those of you who aren't aware of the benefits of rounding up the posse for a few moments of togetherness(in our house, we call it "herding cats") just check out some of the conversation we had tonight.

The Setting: Dinner, 6PM

The Meal: Pasta and Peas

Stink: "Papa, can I smell your butt?" Papa: "Stink, that's not polite." Stink: "Can I pleeeeze smell your butt?"

Sophie "Mama, want to play hide the noodle?"

Me: "Stink, I'm sick of your poop jokes. Now sit on your stool."

Papa: (re: edomome shells) "That's one big pile of pea"

Sophie: "...Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done, on Earth as it is in Nemo..."

We're a class act.

PS: I'm playing around with advertising in prep for a new website. Right now Google just puts whatever they feel like up on top. One day it was Pampers. One day Jesus. One day car parts. Be patient while I figure it out. (Or simply jam all the lines, American Idol like, with your rapid clicks. Yes, YOU can make me 5cents richer next month simply by jamming up your computers with unwanted spam! Shocking I never made it in sales, huh?)


Gretchen said...

You guys remind me of the Munsters or something like that. In a good way, of course. :)

Gretchen said...

and another thing...if your daughter wants to play hide the noodle, she's watching too much HBO! :)

Mama P said...

Gretchen - The kids play hide and seek sometimes with the pasta noodles - hence hide the noodle. I only wish she got it from HBO - I miss my Sopranos since we got rid of it.

liv said...

I love the 'Papa'...I keep hearing celebrity dads being referred to as Papa. I love the old fashioned sound of it...down south every man seems to be a "Dayaddy."

hamiam said...

Oh yes...we are very much into family dinners here too.

The conversation alone is priceless, let alone the the time well spent...last night LMNOB asked me if the neighbor's dog was a "home receiver" (golden retriever)...

onetallmomma said...

We have this little 'ole tradition at our house called Grace. After the cats are all seated they are supposed to hold hands, bow their heads and hear some good, thankful words.

Usually I end up hissing "Prayerful! We are being prayerful! Stop holding her hand so tight. No, do not kick her under the table. He did not mean to spill your water glass. Prayerful people. Dear Lord, Help Me!"

Poop jokes....our kids must be related.