Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Prince Charming

I mentioned a while back that Stink had some blinking issues and there was concern of Tourettes. Turns out that his blinking is just that - blinking. He has very bad allergies and some days are worse than others.

But today we heard the final news, from a very good doctor, that Stink is an extremely healthy, happy and sensitive kid that's doing just fine. His intelligence level is, in fact, above the charts for his age. (Though a career as a professional basketball player seems unlikely. Which is fine with me. I hate those uniforms. And the road trips? Who needs 'em.)

On days like today, I wish my dad were around. He'd have loved the car ride to the different appointments, the chatting with the patients in the waiting room. I can see him striking up a conversation with the charge nurse who was wearing a Jewish star..."I see you're a member of the tribe. Have you heard the one about a nurse, a patient and a rabbi...?"). He'd have waited with baited breath for the reports back from the doctors, and tagged along for the official visits to 7-11 for a celebration nosh afterwards. And yet, with my son's ability to laugh and make people feel welcome, I know my dad is indeed part of Stink's life.
Let's just hope Stink doesn't start scheduling his life around 60 Minutes. That'd just be freaky.


Pam said...

Hey, I schedule around 60 Minites!

There is nothing like knowing your kids are healthy and happy to fill your heart. He also has a kind and loving nature, it shows in all the photos where he's holding Pip's hand and in his dialogue.

Anonymous said...

HA!! Told you so!! Go Stink!!!

The one and only - The Geek!!!

Gretchen said...

Our family would eat Sunday dinner around the TV, making sure not to miss Andy Rooney's, "Did you ever wonder???"...

I'm thrilled for you about Stink. You're right. YOur dad is right with you.

BTW, you have been tagged, but no obligation. Just for fun.

meno said...

Oh whew. That's a relief.

What a sweet picture of him.

onetallmomma said...

I am so happy for you all that his is well. And you can now stop worrying about him.

Cousin B said...

Hey Cousin!
Cousin L forwarded me your blog. Love your ability to make me laugh at things I would normally let myself get frustrated with. Happy to hear about Cousin D! My fam has some time off this weekend...what do you say we get together if you have time.

Love to all my family,

-Barbara (San Diego)

amisare waswerebeen said...

That is excellent news. I'm so happy for you. Give him a hug for me.

Maggie said...

I'm so glad you updated us - and that everything is AOK!

hamiam said...

That is a heave of relief, no?

Glad everything checked out, and yes, that is indeed one sweet looking fellow ya got there. I'd keep 'im if I were you ;-)

Mama P said...

Pam - I would have been shocked if you didn't schedule your life around 60 Minutes. You are the last of the 60 Minute breed, however. And a fairly young one at that. Before you know it, some twenty something hipster will write a host a show called Twenty Seconds - about all his generation can handle viewing in one sitting. (Yes, I really am an old grump.)

Long Island Geek - Nice to hear from you! Love to your family.

Gretchen - I am honored to be tagged. I will respond post bedtime routine.

Meno - I know - isn't it a sweet pic? No modesty on my part. I didn't even know I had it. A friend of ours took it and Rex stuck it in the folder without telling me. (Though I think she added some lipstick to him... ah, well.)

OTM - I'm assuming the "you can now stop worrying" was a total joke, right? I worry if he ate an extra piece of oat bran this morning. What will the fiber mean in his long term future as a physicist? Or a mechanic? Or a Lord of the Rings Reunion tour dancer?

Cousin B is IN! THE! HOUSE! Yeah! This weekend won't work for us as I'd officially keel over from exhaustion. Unless you enjoy six foot one family members head first in their jacuzzi sized margarita glasses. I think not.

Ami - Thanks for the well wishes and always checking in. I'm beyond relieved. And oddly, still emotional. A mother's job?

Maggie - Thanks for the kind words. I will look at your cooking site for a celebratory recipe. Tics and Celery? Is there such a concoction?

Ham - You of all people know what some good news can be. I am looking forward to hearing of LMNOB's progress.

Liza's Eyeview said...

You've got a handsome Prince Charming there! I can just see... : no one would be good enough for her on Mama's eyes :) :) :)

Great to hear the wonderful news.