Monday, May 07, 2007

The Family Tree

This weekend we were blessed with a new family member. None other than... a tree.

I don't know what it is about plants that my husband goes so crazy for, but he will research through an almanac, hunt through various stores, smell, sniff and then, only then, will he take one home.

Then he surveys.

Then he digs.

Then he plants.

If he's lucky, little rugrats will help. Or big rug rats will make fun of him.

I try to see the spiritual side of gardening - the growth, the roots, the tilling, the beauty. But truth be told? The roots I love to plant are with words. My queries are my flowers these days. And so I water. I wait for the right temperature to strike, I talk to them lovingly, then I send them off. Today was a big day in the garden for me - let's hope I get big bulbs from it soon!

Meanwhile, I can't say I hate trees. I like them. From a distance. Fifty floors up from a Central Park highrise. A lush apartment full of prints of, what else? Trees.

Did any of you gain any new family members this weekend?


Anonymous said...

A lovely purple pansey joined my family. We are getting along just fine. Cece

Pam said...

May your tree and your writing both flourish!

hamiam said...

No new members - but some of the old ones have recently come out of hibernation! I am eagerly awaiting the blooms of the wysteria vine we bought last year (after it had flowered).

My husband has a similar planting tendancy as yours - but our lawn is the envy of the neighborhood, so me thinks it's ALL good - because I'm not a gardener either.

As for the writing, keep on feeding it sister - it will eventually leaf out :)

Gretchen said...

Well...not new, exactly, but my inlaws have come to visit. They're going to see the petits in a play. Meanwhile, I'm telling myself...B-R-E-A-T-H-E. :)

onetallmomma said...

I have a hard enough time growing my kids and keeping them alive....gardening...Please. That can wait until I retire.

Any new family members.....hhhhmmmm?

Yup! A buddy from church called me this morning and is giving me his almost new, stainless steel, high end fridge for free. I just have to go get it. So my new family member will soon be keeping my wine chilled.

Lisa Elizabeth said...

My new family members have been growing since last week. Lovely little flowers, oregano, basil, and catnip! We also had a weekend house guest if that Air Force buddy was in MD en route from Alaska to Iraq (what a temperature change!!!), so we gave him some home cooking and a nice pull-out couch to sleep on.