Tuesday, May 01, 2007

My New Car

Sunday my dear friend, Mrs. V, had a fireman themed party for her 4 year old. And in a classic "Only in L.A." moment, a real firetruck arrived one hour later, sirens blazing, horn honking. I don't know if the dads or the kids were more excited, but within moments they were all up on the vehicle, strapping themselves in for a fifteen minute excursion around the Valley.

Most of the moms stayed behind, cameras posed for the big return. Me? Not so much. I know a quiet moment when it comes along (even if it's in the form of a bright red ringing monstrocity)... I hightailed it to the back porch where, for 15 minutes, I enjoyed a cool beer and a pool view.

Someone dial 911! It's a relaxation emergency!

PS: Yep, that's me up there. I'm sticking true to my point of wearing red, vintage and accessorizing. I hope you are all doing something you love, also. We might not change the world with our little goals, but we can change our attitudes (which, hey, just might change the world - one bracelet at a time!)


hamiam said...

I love your red and sassy glasses! My last pair were red and sassy, but now I have the black ones that are retro-mod and sassy...the legs are, count 'em, 5 DIFFERENT colors in wild stripes.

I love my glasses SO much more now than I did at 14.

Pam said...

Lookin' good, Mama P!
And look at all those lovely green leaves...ours are JUST starting to bud.

Liza's Eyeview said...

yep..one "smile" at a time :)

Gretchen said...

Hey Mama P.!
Thanks for stopping by my neck of the woods, and for your kind words re: Peanut. Love your sense of humor and writing style. And...it's not pass the Zoloft--I'm allergic. Pass the Lexapro, pls! :) I can't believe I just wrote that!

Mama P said...

Hamy - You sound better this week, no?

Pam - I sent you an email. Let's get famous! Or at least get ALS famous so we can get some funding for it.

Liza - I really enjoy your posts. Thanks.

Gretchen - I love that you have a photo of yourself hugging a dolphin. I can't handle the ocean. It's noisier than I am and that, frankly, freaks me out.

Maggie said...

I love the glasses! You look great. I poked around in those pinups for way too long yesterday and still couldn't decide which I liked best. I think I like the ones on the swings though - that's me, itching to fly.

hamiam said...

Oh yes, this week is off to a kick ass start. Yesterday was mah-velous dahling :)

meno said...

"A relaxation emergency"

-Another slogan fit for a t-shirt!

I have a thing for firemen. Were they cute?

Gretchen said...

You look great! I think you're absolutely right about the attitude thing. I'm all for accessories because they nearly always fit!

I did a firetruck party for my son's 3 y.o. b'day. The firefighters were so hot, and the day was so hot, it was tempting to "feel a little faint" in order to be rescued.