Thursday, May 03, 2007

Happy Mothers Day to Me

Okay, so I'm the first to complain about lack of time to myself. About housework. About not making my own money... YET.

But then I have a moment where I see my little Pipsqueak not only wanting to help with the dishes (which usually means making a bigger mess than when she started) but actually putting them away correctly. Unlike her mother, she knows to seperate small forks from big forks. She seperates spoons from knives. She even recognized that one needed to go back in the washer (see photo.)

How did someone that used to be in me become such an individual person? How is she so sure of who she is? And how exactly can she muster such enthusiasm for the mundane chores of life?

Yes, mothers teach their kids. But what I'm realizing now is how much our kids teach us.

Pipsqueak, if you're reading this thirty years from now, I pray you are as much of a sweet, intelligent, ball busting diva as you are right now. (Then again, with me as your mother, you don't have much choice. And if you think a handwritten note is enough sentiment for Mothers' Day, think again. I'm a size 12 and like gift cards.)


Liza's Eyeview said...

Awwww...I love this post! Happy Mother's Day to you! Kudos to Pipsqueak. She's an adorable, lovely little girl. She got that very sweet smile in that photo :)

By the way, I like that nickname Pipsqueak. the funny thing is that we call our daughter squeak too. Her pet name from dad is Squeaker :)

OK, I hope this comment does not get lost in blogosphere. I know there were a couple of times that when I'm the first to comment my comment got lost.

hamiam said...

Also a fan of gift cards, I loved this. It is so nice to see the mysteries and joys of motherhood displayed in little nuggets like this.

That enthusiasm for mundane chores doesn't last though. Both of mine were lovers of the dishes when toddlers and now just whine and roll their eyes when I try to engage them in something so beneath them. Shaaah, Mom, whatever.

Maggie said...

You're right, she doesn't have much choice. Isn't it awesome that they WANT to help? I just love that age. Wait till they're ten though - ugh. :-)

Happy Mother's Day to me too! hee hee hee

Erin said...

Oh! Your own personal dishwasher-unloader. I want one!

Pam said...

What's sad is how much of the child in us we loose as we get older and go out into the world. The wonder, the pleasure in small things, the honesty and the sheer pleasure of being alive. Bless them all.

I see you in that smile, Happy Mother's Day!

Gretchen said...

Well...I'm not a size 12 yet, but I surely will be by the time Drama Girl hits 30! :) Actually maybe by the time she hits 10! She's almost 9 now, and I'm inching closer (no pun intended).

Have a great mother's day, and as I always say, when it comes to me, the sky's the limit.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy this age. Before too long she'll be like "What!? Unload the dishwasher?? I have homework to do!" and so forth. The window of enjoyment of stuff like dishwasher-unloading-is-fun is reeeeallly narrow! Cece

onetallmomma said...

She is so sweet.

Train 'em young...that's my motto.

Then, with any luck, they will move out of the house when they are 18 and not starve, ask you to continue to do their laundry or end up living in a pit.

Mama P said...

Liza - You made it first! Thanks for always checking in. I can't wait to check out your poster girl choice.

Maggie - Thanks for the warning. You are not alone in your tips - scary, but true!

Erin - How has your writing been going? You aren't posting as much, so I assume you are still doing Alpha Mom?

Ham - You have sounded so upbeat lately. It's nice. (Not that you aren't entitled to complain.)

Pam - I do look like Pip. But though she is usually smiling for me (the camera lady) she reflects her Papa more in regards to her chin and teeth.

Gretchen - I am barely a size 12. I'm 6'1 and am only just now getting into my regular sized jeans. I'd like to be a 10 someday - just to say I did it. But only if it's because I'm eating organic and going to Yoga and have a fabulous personal trainer. Like I said - this is a fantasy goal.

One Tall Momma - You have one dishwasher left at least.

Anon. (CeCe) - Glad you are joining the threads. You have a nice take on stuff.

BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) said...

She is too cute! I am constantly amazed at what my girls teach me...I just have to remember to slow down and chill the hell out and listen to what that is. ;)