Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Priority Male

So ya'll know how I adore my kids, but I adore my working life, too. And sometimes I get all crazy trying to do too much.

But I think... drum roll please... I might be in a good place right now. It's about two words: Priority Mail.

Many of you know my addiction to resale shopping. Little by little, however, I've started turning a profit at it through Ebay. (I'm slowly working on my own website which will come equipped with a weekly newsletter and advertising. Make no bones about it... the Pimping Mama P is not too far away.)

My point: I love it. I sell about 9 items/week - not enough to keep me from living in a cardboard box if Rex gets hit by a bus on his way to a Star Trek Convention. But enough to know that this is something I am really good at and, with time and focus, can increase my profits.

I was making about fifty dollars/month on postage by shipping via First Class. What I was losing, however, was my sanity. Two kids at a post office on a Friday with lines out the door and fries threatening to land on Cranky Gramp's bad hair piece doth not a happy Mama P make.

And so, three Vodka tonics later and lots of bad fart jokes with Rex this weekend, I came to the firm conclusion to start charging Priority Mail prices for my shipping. In doing so, I can log into the USPS website 24 hours in advance and they will pick up my mail for me. I will lose a bit on my profits, but in the long run, I am hoping keep myself from running down the cul de sac naked, a bottle of Zoloft in one hand, a cell phone to the wacky unit in the other.

Rex is currently scouring the internet for a label maker for me. With some streamlined time, I can up my inventory and eventually make a bit more.

This is where the Priority Male title comes in. Rex does what he needs to do to make his life easy. I used to think he was selfish, but really, he isn't any more selfish than I allow him to be. And frankly, I am often not selfish enough. When I take time for myself (the nails, for example... did them this morning) I feel so much better. And in feeling better, I am better equipped to handle the day. And I'm lucky to have a husband who is happy when I'm happy. Thank you, Rex!

In closing, I think there's a balance between asking what you need from your partner, but also taking care of yourself. I used to think "Oh, I'll never be one of those women who gets her nails done" bla bla bla. But you know what? When I start making more and more money on my business, I will be one of those women.

I'm going to teach Pipsqueak to take care of herself also. Just today we did our nails together. They aren't perfect (like the litle smear? Notice it's on the middle finger? Watch your comments...) but they're nice. Am I pushing make-up on a toddler? Heck no. But I do intend to show her, through daily example, that it's okay for "us girls" to make ourselves feel good - whether it be with curls and bows, a fresh soccer uniform, or new Dora tee shirt ("new" meaning bought for 25 cents at Half-Off Salvation Army Day... I'm about pampering, but I'm still a cheap ass!)

I'm hoping I'll teach Pip to be a confident gal who treats herself as well as any other Priority Male in this world. (With her bed head hair, she's going to need all the positive reinforcement she can get.)

What are all of you doing to make yourself a Priority?


Pam said...

First, woo hoo for the biz!

I think us Mom's and wives need to make ourselves the priority on occasion, makes the whole deal work better.

Still mad, eh? %#@* 'em, what do they know?

Maggie said...

I'm still learning this one. But I started pampering myself little bits here and there and I stopped asking my husband about things I can decide myself - silly girl.

meno said...

Good work on the EBay stuff!!!

And your nails look fabulous.

liv said...

Girl. I feel you about Priority Mail, but seriously, with the free supplies and pick up, I think the convenience makes it a no brainer! I hope we don't have competing merchandise out there...

Glad that you did your nails! (I mean, honestly, I thought they were looking a bit rough...) Actually, I managed a hair cut last week, and TA-RA TA-RA, I am going in for my 2nd round of laser hair removal treatments next week!

hamiam said...

But I LOVE her bedhead hair!!! She will so own it and make it her own euro-trash chic look...or so I think.

Hmmm....one thing that I've been doing a lot of to make myself a priority is giving myself the night off as Chef HAM. We've got the moolah, so healthy takeout it is, every so often.

Anonymous said...

For a very small price you can buy a "correction pen" which will remove any smears or mistakes from a home-manicure. Check it out. Works like magic! Cece

Liza's Eyeview said...

Just want to say you've got a pretty girl on the photo above :) Your daughter is beautiful :)

Lisa Elizabeth said...

I'm so behind in reading and commenting, but it's worth mentioning that I'm making myself a priority by getting divorced.

And most of the time, I'm okay with it.

(The zoloft helps.) :)

Take care,