Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Swimming Upstream

After this week, I have new empathy for the harried soccer mother.

Both Stink and Pip have begun their bootcamp swim lessons. For two weeks straight, five days a week, they paddle, kick, blow bubbles and dunk. Of course this means ten days of me preparing snacks, cleaning swimsuits, and adjusting to the idea that we can't lounge forever in the book section of the mall if that's where our mood finds us. I've also met some super nice moms and seen some kick ass kids strutting their stuff.

As I finally come up for air tonight, pun intended, I am appreciative of many things: the ability to pay for lessons, the courage of my kids to dive into new territory with unabashed passion, and the boring life I sometimes complain about. There are people out there who fight the rat race every single day - not just the rare two week period that I am conforming to. I realize how blessed I am to have the luxury at 10:15 am to still be in pajamas (whether they're old and faded and my dishes are still in the sink, I'm home.) Many a cold day I have let my kids take warm baths (pretending it's the beach) for hours at a time. Many occasions we've been lucky to plan a day at the park only to change our minds last minute and head toward the beach "just because."

It's true what they say about how you don't know what you have until it's gone... whether it be relationships, health, or in my case, time (even if "time" is spent with kids rather than alone.)

Translation: I realize sometimes what a whiny bitch I can be, and I vow to not only remember my blessings, but be there for moms who might need a hand in the future.

And finally, I am so grateful to Rex who works his ass off to not only provide a life for me, but is working so hard at remembering to thank me for what I bring to this life, too.

Question: Did I ever think I could have such perspective on motherhood? On marriage?

Marriage: Did Pip and Stink ever think they could swim without floaties?

Life is a trip. Like those pool signs, sometimes we have to remember to walk (not run) in order to remember what's important. And when we forget, thank God for our family and friends. What would we do without our life rings?

What are you thankful for these days? Anything?

PS: Remind me of this post in a few weeks when my period hits and I am ready to kill everyone and book a flight to Jamaica. At least I won't have to worry about my kids drowning while I'm gone.


Maggie said...

I have had this feeling lately, this desire to hug the world. I think its Spring that brought it on. Being able to see grass and flowers and growing things. It calms me and excites me all at once. So I'm grateful I'm home too watching my little ones grow and being able to dig in the dirt at the same time.

Princess in Galoshes said...

I am very thankful for The Funasaurus. I give him a lot of grief, but he kept me afloat with lots of humor and patience while I was having all those employment issues. (Mainly, the lack thereof.) It was a lot harder on me than I let on in the blog, and I don't think I would have coped half as well without his support.


Does anyone have some wine to go with this cheese?

Anonymous said...

I am thankful for my job, even when I don't particularly like it. I am thankful for our beautiful cherry tree, even if our mortgage seems expensive. I am thankful I have my eyesight, my arms and legs and my hair. That last bit may sounds kind of strange, but think about it. These are things we usually take for granted, that sadly, some others would really like to have.

I am thankful Mama P does her blog.
It is so fun to see how she lives!

xoxo KD in Sacramento

hamiam said...

I dig on the spring = gratitude and visual reminders of what we have to be thankful for vibe...

I'm so thankful for my family...and our wicked ability to laugh. At everything.

Gretchen said...

What I'm thankful for today:

1. Bloggy friends who love and support me.
2. Mama P's wickedly awesome sense of humor, and her writing style.
3. My family's wacky night of playing BINGO at our school for a fundraiser for wildlife.
4. That I am a mother. Warts and all.
5. That I just taught Drama Girl about gratitude journaling. Now she'll have a tool I never had till I heard about it on Oprah. :)


Liza's Eyeview said...

OK, I am trying to come up with a witty comment but none is coming out so I'd settle for my "I LOVE THIS POST" comment. I really.

I'd be going back to this post too when my PMS hits!

Liza's Eyeview said...

Oh...we're supposed to list some things we are thankful for? I'd be back (got to get ready for work :)

Anonymous said...

Gretchen - Gratitude journaling RULES. xoxo KD in SAC