Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Tired of Me

"I'm querying..."

"I'm cooking..."

"I'm carpooling..."

"I'm cleaning..."

"I'm ebaying..."

"I hate my children..."

"I want ten more children..."

"I hope my husband gets smushed by a comet on his way to a Voyager convention..."

"I love my husband so much I wish he could be beamed into my arms right this second. Or in thirty minutes after he gets me a Diet Coke."

"I'm so anxious."

"I'm so relaxed!"

"I need to exercise."

"I'm fine with my cellulite. Jiggles made jello millions. What's to hate?"



I'm so tired of myself I can't even think Boy George straight. And so, for the next month, I will be posting about strangers. Or in Mama P translation, "People I meet and talk to every day."

As many of you know, it's quite shocking the amount of info I can get out of someone I not only wasn't introduced to, but a person who had no desire to talk to me in the first place.

Their reversations aside, I can get more personal history out of a first generation Asian drycleaner within a 2 minute time period (kids gnawing on metal hangers not withstanding) than many of their offspring can get during an entire Chinese New Year celebration.

Call me nosy. Call me friendly. That's the way I roll. (Or in the case of the drycleaner, that's the way I "egg-roll.") Oh, shut up, people. That was funny.

Today I pitched a national magazine this very concept - a blog with the slant of "learn to build confidence with Mama P's speaking skills!" Oh, but now I'm talking about me again. And I'm so over me. Judy Garland Over the Rainbow OVER IT. And so, I give you...

The dad at preschool today.

Nice looking guy. Pretty confident for someone in a room where about 50% of us were probably menstruating and denying our husbands sex (either because of menstruation or "just because.")

Never saw him in my life. He was chatting with another woman about traveling, babies, and how quickly kids grow out of stuff.

I see my entrance and I take it.

I mention thrifting.

He mentions resale websites.

I mention my Ebay site.

He mentions my favorite words on the planet "Kids grow so fast, why pay retail?"

I leave my fancy-schmancy preschool feeling better about the fact that I'm not the only one who gets a kick out of 85cent Polo shirts on sale at the Salvation Army.

Today's lesson about talking to strangers? Validations for being cheap.

Stay tuned for tomorrow's post. Before long you, too, will be able to saddle up to serial killers and find out their secret casserole recipes.


liv said...

this was a killer post. you are on a roll. i don't even have anything to say, except:

Pretty confident for someone in a room where about 50% of us were probably menstruating and denying our husbands sex (either because of menstruation or "just because.")

Ha!! I might have peed a little.

Dawn Bibbs said...

Oh my goodness, so I'm NOT crazy!!! This post sounds just like me...every other day! :-).

I wanted to thank you for stopping by my blog. I hope you enjoyed it and I hope you come back by to visit sometimes.

Thank you for your kind, encouraging words. Blogland ROCKS...so many cool people to meet. Some so far away, yet so close to your heart. Thanks!

amisare waswerebeen said...

LOVE being cheap. Our Savers just had a 50% off everything sale and I was in heaven.

Dapoppins said...

I have friends who can do that. I can NOT do that.
I also know a gal who makes me ask all of the questions in a conversation. I am running out of questions. I must return to this haven here and find more questions so that I can continue my conversation.

ScrappinMyRoots said...

Wow!!! I was just stopping by your blog to thank you for the kind words that you posted on my blog and... I find this... You where really on a roll LOL. Very nice blog.

Princess in Galoshes said...

Ha! Serial Killer's secret casserole. I love it. And also want the recipe.

So do you get to do the blog for the magazine???

hamiam said...

Mama P made me PEE!!! Or maybe just laugh so hard I thought I would pee!

Great post - love this : "Boy George Straight"

Gretchen said...

Okay...another separated at birthism...

Let's just say, Big calls me "Mrs. Shy" because I can find out your name, rank, and serial number before our coffees are finished being prepared by our scantily clad barista. Weddings are also my specialty. I'll sit by Mr. and Mrs. Boring, and before long, we're all best of friends, and they're not so boring anymore... :) Or, is it the wine. Whatever.

Mama P said...

Liv - Always here to amuse you.

Dawn - Glad to know you. Thinking of you during this rough time for your family.

Ami - I know you're a thrifty gal like me. That's so cool.

Dapoppins - Let me be your conversation guru, oh grasshopper.

Scrappin - Some of the stuff you'll find here you will NEVER want to scrapbook. But I do aim to amuse, so welcome!

Princess - WHEN IS THE WEDDING? You haven't mentioned it lately.

Ham - Always here for a laugh.