Monday, February 05, 2007

Back to the Womb

This week Rex was gone for the second week in a row, hence the lack of posts. I was good to myself in many ways, though: didn't get up at 5am to write. Didn't cook much. Called friends when I needed company. Said yes to dinner invitations and showed up on time. Took naps and treated myself to junk food here and there. But tonite? I'm tired. I'm ready for the hubster to be here already.

Random notes:

* I dropped a friendship this week. I never do that. I'm sad about it, because it is an unnatural move for me. But it wasn't working for me, and with two young kids and only so much time, I made a clear cut decision. I hope I don't go to boil pasta next week and find a dead bunny on my stove. What a shame that would be, with the new cookware and all.

* I did about 100000 loads of laundry. I'm going to have to put Scooby Doo on the case of "Why I have 29 mis matched socks and only 3 pair of underware."

* I had a little leakage accident at Cecelia's. To be brief, about my briefs, let's just say that 2 kids in 2 years wasn't kind to my bladder. Nor to her beautiful slip covered chairs. Why tell the world this? Because half you women probably have the same issues and might relate. At least Cecelia was a good sport about it. Her husband even loaned me a pair of his shorts, at which I responded, "Wow, Slim, I've always wanted to get in your pants." (Tip for the wise: if you're going to urinate on a friend's chair, at least be funny about it.)

* I cleaned out the garage. In doing so, the kids found their old bath tub ring and walker. They are so big for them that I had to pry them out afterwards. Ironic that they want to be in them now when they weren't so thrilled when they were younger. It must be the human condition to look back and want what we've outgrown, even at a very early age.

* Sophie is well on her way to being potty trained. I'm so thrilled to not spend money and time on diapers, but I'm also sad. Again, this only goes to prove that I am crazy - wanting some time to myself, but missing the baby stage. Also, tonite I pointed to something in her duck book. It was clearly a sleigh, but no, my 2 1/2 year old daughter has to say "No, Mommy, it's a tightrope bridge." Damn Dora.

* I managed to get in and out of Chuck E. Cheese today while only spending 5.99 on a pizza. The reason? I had a refill cup from Nick's party, plus 30 left over tokens that I actually remembered to save. Why can I not remember to take a birth control pill but I can always remember bacteria infested coins? I'm frugal, but retarded all at once. Which inevitably leads me, in this case due to the lack of birth control, back to the womb...

Speaking of back to the womb, I'm rambling. Time to get under the covers and sleep like a baby.


Maggie said...

Mama P I loved this post. You were good to yourself in ways many of us forget to be. You made a tough choice that you needed to make, but keep your eye out for those dead bunnies...The pee thing - that has happened to me after two pregnancies too. Especially at the gym I get really nervous about it. But hey, life.

Pam said...

I had to drop a friend this week, too. Painful but necessary.

Our children do grow up too fast. My grandchildren insist on doing the same thing.

Erin said...

So are you pregnant? If so, congratulations!

MommyHAM said...

I'm wondering the same thing as erin!

If so, I say don't mourn Sophie's PT'd status too long, you'll be back at it soon :) Also, I'm jealous - sorta.

I am kind of lol, b/c my SIL also several yrs older than me, forgot bc too and their third, unplanned little girl was born this fall. Is it the generation?? (running away screaming, don't hit me!!)

Liza's Eyeview said...

hubby is out of town too. It's almost 11Pm, I should be asleep instead of blogging.