Thursday, February 22, 2007

Spoiled Brat...

...As in moi, not the kids.

Cecelia came by on my birthday at 8:30 am with a homemade cake and a gift certificate to a spa - Burke Williams, no less.

The irony did not escape me that while she was plying me with a 2 billion calorie confection yesterday, she expects me to put on a bathing suit next week. Just one of womens' many double messages that make us so complex.

This combo goes along with me wanting a third baby so bad I could spit (even though I'm teaching my kids not to.) The fact that Rex had his tubes tied and one more child would up my Zoloft dosage from 100 miligrams to "Ingest One Bottle/morning followed by vat of Vodka at night" does little to quell my desire for more rugrats.

Nary a night passes, as we sit toe to toe on the green sofa (my first, and last, new furniture purchase from Macy's - pre children days) where the following conversation does not ensue:

Me: Honey, the kids were so great today. I love them so much I could put them on the William Sonoma casserole dish from your mother and eat them for protein.

Him: I love 'em too, babe.

Me: I mean, doesn't the joy they bring us... the laughter... the closeness... the familial warmth make you want to have just one more?

Him: (Not glancing up from his tech manual). Not one bit.

Me: This conversation is not over.

And until women aren't crazy, conversations of all forms never will be.

Now excuse me while I sniff their sleeping heads so much that I risk waking them up or passing out from too much oxygen.

I wish I was kidding.


Melessa said...

We are all finished with babies here too. I am usually OK with this, but last night I went to the Women's Center to deliver baby blankets to the NICU. This is where my babies were born and even the antiseptic smell was sentimental to me. I felt weird not leaving there in a wheelchair with a tiny baby in my arms. It never really is over, is it?

Pam said...

How I remember those yearnings...still have them now and again as I move towards 65.

Maggie said...

What you need is a good day or two changing diapers - twin diapers preferably. It cures that desire almost instantly. Why don't you hop on up here and I can help you out with that?

Mama P said...

Maggie - I know you're right. The fact doesn't escape me that I feel most like having more kids when I've had time to myself, good food and company, some writing gigs in the horizon... of course, this would all go to capuey with my attention focused on a newborn. So yes, perhaps a trip to you when times are up for me will bring me back to reality! As long as you cook for me.

Pam - I love the photos of your grandkids so much. Perhaps, like you, I will relive my babies through them.

Melissa - I KNOW you understand my yearning since you had 4. And that last one, oh my god, a little doll face. Too cute. (all are cute, of course, but the babies are my weakness.)

Liza's Eyeview said...

Belated happy birthday.
Have a nice day today.