Monday, February 12, 2007

I Am Alive

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In case any of you were wondering where I went, I am still here. On an up note, my first national magazine essay is almost done (for the THIRD time... I like it a lot and have a good feeling the editor will, too.)

On a down note, my babysitter canceled AGAIN for this Wednesday. This royally irks me because it's not like I casually hire childcare. It took a real mind shift for me to get into that "I deserve it" mode, affordability be damned. So to have my "Go Mama P!" roll interrupted because she's going to Disneyland is less than thrilling. (And I wish her no ill will... I LOVE this gal and wish I were going to the Happiest Place on Earth myself. That said, I'm not, and if I want to ride the E ticket to self-employment I need someone here to keep the kids safe while I hole up in a coffee shop and write the brilliant American novel. Or an article on the rise of the toe fetish. Whatever assignement lands me some cash.)

Next order of business is to find someone else to watch the kids instead. Who? Not sure, but preferably a creature of human origin with no toddler eating habits or bad breath. (Though a court would find me guilty on both of those counts, so I might need to rethink my qualifications.)

Had a busy weekend hanging out around the house, kid swapping with the hubster, going out for Mexican food with Rex, seeing family members and doing house repair. The kids made beds out of crates, donned wacky sunglasses, rode in shopping carts shaped like racecars and did their best to destroy any attempts at organization I was working toward. It was all good - one of those weekends where I just feel lucky to live the life I lead.

On that note, I'm off to organize my goals for the week. Can we say "Classic Overachiever for 200?"

Can't wait to catch up on everyone else's life.


MommyHAM said...

Hee, classic overachiever for 200 - that's so perfect!

Sorry about the unreliable gal...had a stroke of that myself last week - was NOT pleased >:{

Mama P said...

Mommyham, it will work out for both of us. Why? Because there's no other way to view it. It's ALL GOOD!

Maggie said...

Well I am glad you are alive! I do that goals for the week too. I never get them all done but at least I knock a few out. So I guess I would be on the underachiever list - but I'm ok with that. :-)

Don't give up on that "I deserve it" stuff, cause you do.

Pam said...

I was wondering where you were. The pics are fantastic, all that young joy and exuberance.

War Bride said...

Snoopy! Thank god, kids still like Snoopy. I love Snoopy.

(And...I'm still a kid. Kind of.)