Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Knocking Around, not Up

No, not knocked up people. My only future children will be books, magazine articles or whatever else the future holds for me. Maybe I'll open an Ebay business? Maybe I'm destined to be a plumber? Maybe I'll go back to school and become a midwife or an attorney? Who knows. That's what makes life interesting. (That, and forgetting to take a birth control pill and ending up with PIPSQUEAK...) Sorry for the miscommunication, there. Like that fateful pill a few years back, one step missed and a whole bunch of new excitement pops out!

Keeping it short today. Babysitter comes for her weekly 10 am call. (A new treat I have scheduled for myself!) I have a shower to take, and a list a mile long to accomplish. Do I sit in a coffee shop and rewrite my Child essay? Do I go to the post office? Do I walk? Do I get the car cleaned? Do I get a hair cut or my eye brows mowed? Do I just go upstairs and sleep? Three measley hours... so little time... but so needed!

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