Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Mind Games

So the babysitter didn't show. Sad, sad, SAD day for Mama P. However, on a good note, in joyous expectation of her arrival, I swept floors, did laundry and moved my booty more than I normally do before 10am. With hope of a break came a good attitude, which made the fall less difficult. Especially the fall onto shiny floors.

The sitter eventually called - from across the street (where she lives... that's funny in itself) and told me she forgot due to illness. Fine. She'll come next week for 6 hours instead. SIX hours alone? What am I going to do then? Write a novel? Solve Global Warming? Actually dye my hair? I'm skeeeeeeeeered, peeps.


meno said...

Oh the roller coaster of emotions.

Yay, 3 hours!
Boo, no babysitter.
Yay, i accomplished something!
Boo, (um, nothing fits in here but i'm trying to keep up the pattern.)
Yay, 6 hours!

Princess in Galoshes said...

One word for you:

(Or "massage." Massage works, too.)

Pam said...

First your hair, then global warming. The big things are easier to do on a good hair day. = )

Maggie said...

I was so excited for you. Because three hours of you time made me dream of three hours of me time. So you know, that whole living vicariously thing. But then you got all those things done and I figured, I can do housecleaning vicariously through you too! Then I don't actually have to do it. That works doesn't it?

Mama P said...

Meno, I sense you relate?

Pam - you are a funny gal.

Princess - you are so RIGHT ON with the pedicure, girl

Maggie - You need to get some time, too!