Sunday, August 19, 2007

Dr. Pip / Dr. Stink

My mom's arthritus was in warp speed Friday, making it difficult to use her hands. The following comments best describe the differences between my two little rugrats.

Stink: (Tenderly grabbing her knotted fingers and pressing his lips to them) "Kisses always help."

Pip: (Not looking up from her book) "Try some butt cream."


liv said...

Oh, Dr. Pip. (sigh) What ARE we going to do with you?! :)

meno said...

Stink is a sweetie and that Pip is a pistol!

Gretchen said...

Girls have to be survivors. They take care of the boys. :) Looks like Pip is ready for marriage.

raqgold said...

kids :-)

Cheryl Wray said...


Dapoppins said...

theeeheee! Wait, does Butt cream work?

What a sweetie with the kisses.

Dapoppins said...

Today's google add is very funny.
Meet lonely housewives...okay that just assumes we are lonely! How can a woman with children...implied in housewife, ever be lonely! Bored, yes. Insane, yes. Needing a shower, yes. Lonely?

I don't think so. I wake up in a bed with an asortment of bodies arragned to warm my feet, back and fart in my face.

Not lonely here.

Ooops. I said fart. I mean TOOT!

hamiam said...

Butt Cream, Aspercreme(sp?)/'s all the same, no?

Charlie Brown one time put Icy Hot on his sore groin muscles...that was a mistake...I laughed so hard that nite.

Pam said...

That Pip! Who writes her material?
The ladies are gonna love Stink!

Re: your last post. Cruelty from kids is nothing new, but they seem to be reaching new depths of hurtfulness these days...and then, insult to injury, they put it on line. Aaargh!

Susie Q said...

Okay, butt cream. I hear it works on many problems. After all she *IS* the doctor. Lacks the bed side manner of Dr. Stink though. He will have the ladies at his beck and call. : )

Sweet post...I am still giggling.