Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Grateful for 17 Bucks


There is a sad paradox that exists when I get excited over a $3.97 profit margin on a brand name blouse I flipped on Ebay, and Jerry Garcia's scratched metal sink has been bid up to $17,000.

Perhaps the losers of the auction will take Mama P's 1968 iron stained toilet for $17.00. As the winner of Jerry Garcia's auction might say, "I'd be soooooooo stoked." (Talk about a lot of pot for the money... in both cases.)


Cheryl Wray said...

LOL!! I've got some old nasty stuff I 'd be happy to get off of my hands for $17,000!!

liv said...

Dude. That's all I've got.

Rachel said...

$17,000 for a sink.

almost as disturbing as the notion of buying a celeb's unwashed laundry for any amount.

A sink?



James said...

For 17 grand I better get some primo bud. I mean REALLY good stuff.

Just sayin'....

Now, for 17 bucks, I'll take the toilet. Ours is broken.

Susie Q said...

Even my husband, the never ending Dead Head, laughed when we saw this yesterday. Aw come one now...it IS for charity dude. I mean, if this sink could talk. It would like mumble something rather incoherent and pass out. But the tunes would be so mellow.

I might have access to a few rusted/moldy/dented and otherwise trash items that a celebrity may or may not have breathed on. Do you think I could make some spare cash?

What was the verdict about TV?

: )