Saturday, September 15, 2007

Mmm... Messes... Good

It seems the more my kids enjoy the food, the more it ends up on the floor.

I was thinking about this tonight as I pulled out the 'ol broom for the umteemth time that day. It really does seem that in order to fully enjoy something, one must not be afraid to dive right in. This might mean breakage, spillage and the occasional kick in the lower intestine, but isn't it worth it?

May all of you have a wonderful Sunday. Go ahead. Break some of that shell that's keeping you from feeling passionate. Want to ride a Harley? Go to mass? Take a hike? Cut your hair? Grow your hair? Try a new perfume? Or something super dooper nutty, like shop retail? Get crazy. It'll make for some fun stories when you're old.

(And they also make for fun stories now, so don't forget to let me know!)

PS: Fellow blogger, Gretchen, bestowed a smile award on me today. She says, "I'd like to honor Mama P. @ Pass the Zoloft. Her irreverent humor causes milk, diet coke, or wine (whatever my poision d'jour) to spurt out of my nostrils and gives me a much needed laugh nearly every day. I'm either laughing because i can so totally relate to her, or because she's a magnificent writer. Or, usually, both."

Ahhh, Gretchen! Was that such an unnecessary compliment?

DUH! I'll take it.

Thanks for looking beyond the mess and enjoying the spicy crazy taco that makes up moi. I love ya for it.

Lovely Gretchen can be found pulling out her hair while her husband is in China and she's homeschooling handsome History Boy but secretly plotting to get drunk on Two Buck Chuck at

I took creative license with the last statement about Gretchen. But she's a Christian, so not only will she forgive me, but she'll stand by me. The truth must be told.

Um... yeah... blog roll list. How many times have I typed that? About as many times as I've cleaned up that damn floor. Gotta do something about that.


Jenster said...

I had to see what Gretchen was talking about and think I may just stay a while. Congrats on the award!

(By the way - Two Buck Chuck is the prefered wine of Christians - good stewardship and all that)

Jenster said...

One more thing - are you in LA proper? I grew up in Redondo Beach/Torrance, but live in the Philly area now. When people ask where in CA I'm from I just say LA because I'm all about economy of words.

sari said...

I grew up in Redondo Beach too!

Sorry, got excited there for a minute. ;-)

Glad to hear you're having a good weekend!

Mama P said...

Jenster and Sari in Redondo beach. Life is very small. No, I'm in the San Fernando Valley. But not far from the beautiful Redondo.

Pam said...

I envy all who live near the beach, I am passionate about the ocean. And speaking of passion, I'm happy to say I broke my shell many moons ago.

Jenster said...

Oh! You're a Valley Girl! Bitchen!!

Sari - Small world!

Gretchen said...

Well...i'm near a beach in WA. Does that count? I just wanted to fit in. :) Thanks for the sweet shout.

And...why not just set up a tea party on the floor. Makes clean up a snap. OR...invest in a dog. Of course then you're cleaning much less pleasant stuff.

Gretchen said...

PS....Luuuurve 2 buck Chuck. Hee hee.

meno said...

You need a dog. It cuts down on the sweeping.

Liza's Eyeview said...

Linking lesson - let's try (take gretchen's blog for example)

go to grethen's and copy the URL address

go to your blog,
start a new post
type the name of gretchen's blog
highlight that name
now, look in around up on the posting area..there should be a box with a drawing of a chain.
click that box with a drawing of a chain
a new box will appear that will give you a place to PASTE the URL (gretchen's address) that you copied earlier. Once it's there, hit enter (hmm... I might be missing something here on this part)

Anyway, try that one - try and try until you figure it out. I know you can! :)